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Surname Marci - Meaning and Origin

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Marci: What does the surname Marci mean?

The last name Marci is believed to be of Italian origin, with some sources tracing it back to the Latin word marca, meaning a boundary or marker. The name likely indicated that the original bearer was someone who lived near or was associated with boundaries in some way.

Other sources indicate it is derived from the Latin name Marcus, which was the name of a number of prominent early Christians and saints. This would suggest that the name could have been taken by a Christian family to honour these individuals.

The variations of the last name include Marcie, Marcia and Marcy.

As well as being a last name, Marci has been used as a given name as well. It is believed to have originally been an Italian feminine name but it has become popular in the U.S. as a form of Marc with a feminization suffix “i”, such as in the case of Devinci or Percivali.

Marci can be seen as a form of Margaret, the Old French and Anglo-Latin variation of the Greek name Margarite, meaning pearl. In this case, Marci would be interpreted as a “little pearl”.

In short, the last name Marci likely originated from one of two sources: either as a reference to a boundary marker or as a tribute to early Christian saints and their derived name, Marcus. It can also be seen as a feminized version of Marc, in the same way a “Devinc-i” can be a feminized version of Devin, or a form of the name Margaret.

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Marci: Where does the name Marci come from?

The last name Marci is most commonly found in the country of Serbia today. This is because of its strong historical ties to the region. The family came to Serbia from a region of Italy known as the Carpathian Mountains. Unknown to many, the Carpathian Mountains were once home to a large concentration of Serbian people and their culture. The geographic region is now considered an official part of the country of Serbia today.

The Marci family first settled in the eastern regions of Serbian ancient state, and today their roots trace back to both present-day Serbia and Croatia. During the fall of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, many ethnic Serbs began to flee the region and a large number of Marci’s ended up in countries such as Canada, USA, and Germany.

In Serbia today, the Marci family is still seen as being well-known, respected, and respected for their contributions to Serbian culture, society, and economy. It is said the family has had a long history of contributing to everything from agriculture, economics, literature, business, and science. Today, Serbia is home to some of the last known descendants of the Marci family and they still live in some of the same places they have called home for centuries.

Variations of the surname Marci

The surname Marci is most likely derived from Latin roots, where Marcia is recorded as a female name meaning “warlike” or “of Mars.” This surname is commonly associated with the French spelling, but other forms of the name include Marcy, Marci, Marcie, Marceau and Marcellus.

The variant spelling Marcy is used widely in the United States, while Marci occurs most often among those of Roman descent. The surname is also seen traditionally in Italy, where it can be spelled Marcucci or Marcugliano.

In Europe, Marci is a rarer spelling, though some variations exist. Marczy, Marzci and Marzei are the traditional forms of the name in Poland. In Hungary, the name is often written Merci, while in Spain and Latin America the spellings Marcio and Marcie are commonly used.

The French form of the Marci surname is Marceau, which is also seen among French Canadian Families. Americans of French descent will often use the spelling Marcée or Marseaux.

In Britain, the Anglo-Norman form of the name is Marky or Markie, though Markay or Marcie have been recorded as well. The Gaelic form is Mac Mharcaidh or Mac Marcaidh.

No matter the spelling of the name, the general meaning is the same, referring to someone with "Mars-like" qualities. All of these surnames represent the same subtext, and their history stretches back to some of the earliest recorded documents from Europe.

Famous people with the name Marci

  • Marci Ien: Host of CTV's The Social
  • Marci Bowers: American Transgender Surgeon
  • Marci Karr: American Award Winning Actress
  • Marci Kladnik: Slovene Actress
  • Marci Miller: American Actress
  • Marci Farcy: American stage and film actress
  • Marci Hamilton: American Religious Scholar
  • Marci Joseph: American Actress
  • Marci Cromer: American Actress
  • Marci Boudreaux: American Beauty Pageant Titleholder
  • Marci Akbar: American Professional Wrestler
  • Marci Cruz: American Actress
  • Marci Seither: American Actor
  • Marci Wayans: American Actor
  • Marci Layne: American Actress

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