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Surname Marc - Meaning and Origin

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Reflecting on iGENEA DNA Test: A Deeper Dive into the Surname Marc Heritage and Migration

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D. Marc

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Marc: What does the surname Marc mean?

The surname Marc is derived from the Latin word “Marcus”, meaning “warlike, dedicated to Mars” or “of Mars”, which was the name of the Roman god of war. This name evolved into various spellings, including Marc, Marq, Mark, and Marcchichi in some cases. The ancestry of the surname dates back to the 8th century. The Marc family is believed to have originated from the Norman surname of the same spelling, Marke or Marc. It is believed that the Normans adopted the name from the ancient Gauls.

Marcs can be found in several countries along the Mediterranean, particularly in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal. Historically, Marc is a name of nobility, with its roots in royal families throughout Europe. Many famous people with the last name Marc have made their mark in history, such as the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, the architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, and the Italian composer Gioacchino Rossini. It is also a popular surname for notable athletes, including the runner Emil Zatopek and the boxer Luciano Tala.

The surname Marc symbolizes strength, power, and leadership. To this day, it is associated with high social and economic status, making it a distinctive and proud name to carry.

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Marc: Where does the name Marc come from?

The last name Marc is most commonly found throughout French speaking countries, primarily in France, Canada, and Luxembourg. It is also found throughout North and South America, much of Europe, and Africa. According to Forebears, Marc is one of the more popular last names in France, ranking as the 144th most common. In the United States, it is more uncommon, though it has become more common in the last 30 years. In 2020, it ranked 1,735th in popularity.

In Canada it is the 108th most common and throughout Europe it is relatively common in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Slovenia. In Africa, it can be found in Cameroon, Morocco, the Congo, and Egypt and is commonly found in South American countries such as Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Ecuador.

Famous people with the last name Marc include fashion designer Marc Jacobs, political journalist Mark Shields, Canadian journalist Marc Haneburgh, and French sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Variations of the surname Marc

Marc is a given name and surname that originated in France, with the spelling given in Latin records as Marcus. This root name is ultimately of Roman and Greek origin, with the given name derived from of Latin Marcus and the surname, from the Latin Marcellus.

Variants of Marc are Marci, Marquez, Marqez, Markes, Marko, Markiz, Markos, Markuss, Markuz and Markuzi. These variants can also be found with other spellings, such as Marceau, Marco, Marcos, Marcs, Marck, Marque, and Marques.

Spellings of Marc that are seen more frequently in other languages are Marcs, Márk, Makari, Marcíno and Marcinko in Czech, Marku in Danish, Marck and Marku in Finnish, Maks and Marko in Lithuanian, and Marco, Markos, Marcos, Mark, Márcio and Markko in Spanish.

Surnames with the same origin as Marc include Marcuse, Marchese, Marchetti, Marchi, Marchetto, Marchella, Marchesi, Marchette, Marchioni, Marchitto, Marchionda, Marcucci, Marchitelli, and Marchenko. It may also be seen as part of a longer surname such as Marcello or Marceau.

Famous people with the name Marc

  • Marc Jacobs: fashion designer
  • Marc Maron: comedian and podcast host
  • Marc Anthony: singer and actor
  • Marc Bulger: former NFL Quarterback
  • Marc Webb: film director
  • Marc Cherry: television writer and producer
  • Marc Bergevin: NHL executive and former player
  • Marc Gasol: NBA player
  • Marc Quinn: contemporary artist
  • Marc Blucas: actor

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