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Surname McCrain - Meaning and Origin

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McCrain: What does the surname McCrain mean?

The last name "McCrain" is of Irish origin. It derives from the Old Gaelic name Mac Brain, meaning son of Bran. "Bran" itself means "raven." Thus, the last name McCrain can be interpreted as "son of the raven." It is worth noting that the use of names referring to animals, such as "raven," was common in the ancient times as they typically embodied certain qualities or characteristics admired or revered by the community. Ravens, for instance, were often associated with wisdom and prophecy. The spelling of these surnames varied significantly over time and could also change based on geographic location. Therefore, McCrain might also be found as McBrain, O’Brain, Brann, and others in historical records. Like many surnames that began as patronyms, McCrain likely started as a way to distinguish between different individuals with the same first name in small communities. Today, people with the surname McCrain can be found in many English-speaking countries around the world.

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McCrain: Where does the name McCrain come from?

The last name McCrain is of Scottish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic word "Mac Raith," which means “son of grace or prosperity.” The name originated from the western coastal region of Scotland in the Hebrides islands which were known as "Kingdom of the Isles" in ancient times. McCrain belongs to the category of surnames which were typically derived from nicknames or the occupation of the ancestors. In Scotland, the practice of adopting hereditary surnames started as early as the 12th century.

Today, the surname McCrain is not widely spread and is considered rare. The United States probably has the highest number of people named McCrain. Due to widespread immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries, many Scottish surnames can also be found in other parts of the world such as Canada and Australia, but the prevalence of the McCrain name in these countries is not significantly high. The name may exist in various forms in different regions due to regional variations and phonetic spellings.

Variations of the surname McCrain

The surname McCrain may have different variants and spellings which might be due to regional dialects, translation from other languages or even just human error on vital records. It's also possible that it's a variant of a more common surname.

Some of these potential variants and spellings include McCrane, McCranie, MacCrain, MacCrane, McCrayne, MacCrayn, McCran, McRein, and McCraine. They all bear the 'Mc' or 'Mac' prefix, common in Scottish and Irish surnames, meaning 'son of'.

The surname could also possibly have connections to the Scottish surname McClain or McLain, through phonetic similarities and common geographical origins.

Sometimes, the surname could be recorded under completely different yet phonetically similar variants due to translation or transcription errors. These might include: Makrane, McCraine, Makrain, McCoyne, and even McCoin.

It's worth noting that tracking a specific surname origin could be challenging due to many reasons including migration, changes in country borders, and changes in language. Therefore, genealogical research often would be required to trace the exact origin of a particular surname.

Famous people with the name McCrain

  • Luke McCrain: Former XFL Player
  • Jim McCrain: Former NFL Player
  • Billy McCrain: Former AHL Player
  • Bernard McCrain: Musician and Co-Producer
  • Scott McCrain: Radio DJ
  • Tommy McCrain: Actor
  • Lucille McCrain: TV Actress
  • Allen McCrain: Country Music Artist
  • Meredith McCrain: YouTube Star
  • Ryan McCrain: Former Pro Surfer
  • Miles McCrain: World Record Holding Olympic Swimmer
  • Freddie McCrain: Entertainer and Comedian
  • Gregory McCrain: NFL Linebacker
  • Jon McCrain: Record Holder for Most Goals in a Single Soccer Game
  • Rebecca McCrain: Mental Health Advocate
  • Emma McCrain: Singer and Songwriter
  • Kaleb McCrain: Award Winning Playwright
  • Craig McCrain: Former NHL Player
  • Sydney McCrain: Motivational Singer-Songwriter
  • Destiny McCrain: Forensic Psychologist

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