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Surname McCrary - Meaning and Origin

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Z. McCrary

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McCrary: What does the surname McCrary mean?

The last name McCrary is of Scottish origin and is a variant of the surname MacRory, which translates to "son of Roderick." The name Roderick itself stems from the Old Norse name "Hrodrick," which means "famous power." Therefore, the McCrary surname can be interpreted to mean "son of the famous power." It's worth mentioning that surnames in the medieval period were often created based on one's occupation, birthplace, or father's name. Therefore, the name McCrary may have originally been given to sons in families where the father was named Roderick. Over time, these patronymic names evolved into fixed family surnames that are passed down through generations. Hence, many people bearing the surname McCrary today may trace their lineage back to a Roderick or have Scottish ancestry.

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McCrary: Where does the name McCrary come from?

The surname McCrary has Scottish and Irish origins. It is derived from the Gaelic Mac Ruidhrí, which means "son of Roderick." The name Roderick, in Gaelic Ruidhrí or Ruaidhrí, means "famous power." There are several variant spellings of the name, including MacCrory, Macrory, and McRory. The surname was first found in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland, before migrating to Scotland during the early Middle Ages.

Today, McCrary is most common in the United States, particularly in the southern states of Alabama and Mississippi due to the historical migration patterns from Europe to America during colonial times and later. The name can still be found in Scotland and Northern Ireland, although it is relatively rare compared to its prevalence in the US. The surname is less common in other English-speaking countries, such as Canada, England and Australia.

Variations of the surname McCrary

McCrary is a surname of Irish origin and is often linked to the Gaelic surname Mac Ruaidhrí, which translates to “son of Ruaidhrí” (Rory in English). Variants of this surname that are found can be affected by translation, regional dialects, and sometimes simplification for pronunciation purposes by different cultures.

Spellings and variants of the name McCrary can include McCreary, MacCreary, MacCrary, McCray, MacCrae, MacCrea, MacRory, MacRury and MacRorie, though some of these might connect to other original Gaelic names. Some less common variants might include McCreery and McCrae. Differences often arise due to phonetic spellings from the Gaelic original.

One has to remember that surnames have evolved over centuries, and with migration or the influence of other languages they can alter significantly. Despite being variations of the same name, these spellings have sometimes developed into surnames in their own right with their unique history and distribution pattern. Thus, while they may share an origin, the surname McCrary can have differed from its variants in interesting and complex ways.

Famous people with the name McCrary

  • Jazmyn McCrary: Actress and singer
  • Chris McCrary: Filmmaker
  • Kelly McCrary: Country singer
  • Brian McCrary: Paralympic athlete
  • Anthony McCrary: Professional golfer
  • Megyn McCrary: Tennis player
  • Rod McCrary: NFL cornerback
  • Sharon McCrary: Activist
  • Ryan McCrary: Actor
  • Nick McCrary: Former NFL player
  • Joshua McCrary: Academy Award nominated actor
  • Quinn McCrary: Singer/Songwriter
  • Al McCrary: Former PBA and AMA racing champion
  • Brad McCrary: Musician and songwriter
  • Meagan McCrary: Professional dancer
  • Billy Ray McCrary: Racing driver
  • Craig McCrary: Investor and entrepreneur
  • Michelle McCrary: Artist and photographer
  • DaShaun McCrary: Football player
  • Philip McCrary: Former NBA player

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