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Surname Mohar - Meaning and Origin

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Mohar: What does the surname Mohar mean?

The last name Mohar is of Slovenian origin. It is derived from the Slovenian word mohor, which means “peak” or “summit”. The name is believed to come either from a physical peak, or from the figurative peak of a highpoint in society or life.

Historically, the name may also have referred to someone from the Slovenian region of Mohar, sometimes known as “Makar”. This region was in the old Carinthian Duchy and is thought to have been inhabited since at least Roman times.

The family name of Mohar is considered to be an occupational name, as those with the surname would have likely held a higher status. Those with the name may have been mountain-dwellers, or, particularly in later generations, high-ranking members of society.

Areas where the surname is especially common today are Slovenia, France, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Among different regions, different spellings of the same family name may exist, such as Mohar, Mohor, and Makar.

Regardless of the region, however, the esteemed name of Mohar, or its various spellings, refer to a high point in life or society, and the people who carry it.

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Mohar: Where does the name Mohar come from?

The last name Mohar is most commonly found in India today. According to an analysis by Forebears, the Mohar last name is most prevalent in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where it is ranked 4,833 out of 887,592. The second highest concentration of the name is in the western state of Maharashtra, where it is ranked 7,808 out of 887,592. It is also found throughout India including the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh. The Mohar last name is also found in the adjoining countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

Research suggests that the last name originated from an Arabic surname which began with the prefix 'al', which was used to refer to a person's ancestry or lineage. From this perspective, the last name may have been derived from an Arabic clan or tribe who settled in India long ago, giving rise to the name.

The Mohar last name is still very recognizable today in India. Those who carry the name come from all three major religions of India - Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. In common parlance, the name is often linked to its religious origins, as the prefix 'al' is still regarded as an indicator of a person's religious background. However, since India became a republic in 1950, the population has become more tolerant and the definition of the last name has evolved to denote more of a regional connection rather than a religious one.

Variations of the surname Mohar

The surname Mohar is an Indian title that is used primarily by Rajputs and various other clans. Though it is generally spelt as Mohar, it is also spelled in various other ways in different regions and sub-castes in India. Variants and spellings of the same origin for the surname Mohar include Maheer, Mahir, Mehra, Meher, Moha, Mor, Maur, Mhora, Mohra, Mhowra, and many more.

The variations of these surnames also depend on the language and dialect of the region it is used in. For example, Mohar is pronounced as ‘Mohra’ in certain regions of India or as ‘Mhowra’ in several parts of South India. Similarly, ‘Meher’ is used in some parts of Gujarat while ‘Maheer’ is more common in Jammu and Kashmir. In Uttar Pradesh, the same surname is spelt as ‘Maur’.

Apart from these variations, different surnames have also developed from Mohar, over time. Some of these are Pardhan, Pawar, Pehelwaan, Phogat, Phoolkar, Roy, and so on.

In conclusion, the surname Mohar has numerous variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The various combinations and pronunciations of the same surname vary according to the region it is used in.

Famous people with the name Mohar

  • Boris Mohar: Slovenian sculptor and academic
  • Marjan Mohar: Slovenian classical concert pianist
  • Janko Mohar: Slovenian writer and philosopher
  • Primož Mohar: Slovenian Olympic rower
  • Matej Mohar: Slovenian snowboarder and Olympian
  • Boštjan Mohar: Slovenian professional basketball player
  • Lara Mohar: Slovenian professional bike racer
  • John Mohar: Croatian-American soccer player and coach
  • Irma Mohar: Croatian resistance fighter and WWII heroine
  • Helena Mohar: Slovenian racing cyclist

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