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Surname O'Berry - Meaning and Origin

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O'Berry: What does the surname O'Berry mean?

The last name O'Berry is an Irish surname that has long been associated with the ancient Irish clans and families of the Northern Uí Néill. It originates from the Gaelic Ó Beargháin and denotes a descendant of the ancient high king known as “Beargháin.” According to records, the name was brought into Northern Ireland and Scotland by the original Gaelic settlers in the fifth century.

The last name O'Berry has often been spelled differently over time, including O’Barry, O'Barry, O'Bare, and O’Bairịdh. Despite these various spellings, all of them connect back to the original ancestral name of Bearghaín. In some cases, the name has also been anglicised to Barry or Berry.

Many variations of the name can be found throughout Ireland and its diaspora, including England, the US, Canada, and beyond. Each variation offers a glimpse into the history and heritage of its wearer. By honouring the name O'Berry, one is able to recognize their connection to their ancestors and the importance of preserving the cultural identity of their family.

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O'Berry: Where does the name O'Berry come from?

The last name O'Berry is most commonly found in the United States, though it can be found in other parts of the world as well. It originated as an Irish surname, and is derived from the Gaelic words Ó Baire, meaning "grandson of Baire." Baire was an ancient chieftain of the ruling Ó Neill family who lived in the area which is known today as Ulster.

In the United States, O'Berry can be found in a number of states, including North Carolina, Texas, and Illinois. According to the topographical distribution database DataUSA, the highest concentrations of O'Berrys can be found in Germanton, NC (1,174 people), Kernersville, NC (844 people), Rolesville, NC (805 people), and Savannah, GA (565 people). This suggests that O'Berry has been, at least historically, concentrated mainly in the southeast region of the United States.

The surname has no doubt spread to other regions of the country over time, however, with individuals making their way out from the southeastern states to places like California, New York, and beyond.

Variations of the surname O'Berry

The surname O’Berry has several variant spellings such as O'Barry, O'Barry, and O'Barr. Most variants of the surname originate from the Irish surname Ó'brughaill and are derived from the Gaelic word “bruitheall” meaning “expert” or “skillful”. Variants of the surname in other countries of origin include O'Berry in Scotland, O'Bry in Germany, and O'Berri in Wales.

In some cases, other alternative spellings have also been used such as O’Bry, O Baire, O’Brady, O’Berrey, O’Barrie, and O’Berrie. In Scotland and Ireland, a variant spelling of the surname Berry has also emerged, usually associated with the Scottish clan of the same name. As a result, some individuals may choose to use the two surnames interchangeably and style themselves as O’Berry-Berry or Berry-O’Berry.

The surname O’Berry may be found in a number of countries, being most common in Ireland, Scotland. In the United States, the largest population of people with the surname can be found in Texas, followed by Ohio, Alabama, and New York. It can also be found in countries around the world such as Canada, Australia, and England.

In other variants, the surname may be found as O Berr or O’Bere. In some other cases, a patronymic form of the surname, such as O’Berric, O’Berrec, and O’Berrique, may be used by the individual.

Famous people with the name O'Berry

  • Irene O'Berry (American rock guitarist)
  • Pertica O'Berry (American radio producer and engineer)
  • Mepham "O'Berry" Womack (American football player)
  • Dara O'Berry (American actress and model)
  • Charles O'Berry (American jazz saxophonist)
  • Janice O'Berry (American poet and writer)
  • Rita O'Berry (Irish folk singer)
  • Dan O'Berry (American comedian and actor)
  • Thomas O'Berry (American illustrator and visual artist)
  • Ryan O'Berry (British television presenter and actor)
  • John O'Berry (American singer and songwriter)
  • Michael O'Berry (Canadian actor and musician)
  • John P. O'Berry (American politician)
  • Deanna O'Berry (American model and TV star)
  • Lee O'Berry (Australian actor, director, playwright, and screenwriter)
  • Dorothy O'Berry (American philanthropist and civic leader)
  • Chris O'Berry (New Zealand singer-songwriter)
  • Michelle O'Berry (American political journalist)
  • Patrick O'Berry (Irish television and film director)
  • Timothy O'Berry (American professional basketball player)

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