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Surname O'Cooney - Meaning and Origin

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O'Cooney: What does the surname O'Cooney mean?

The last name O'Cooney is an anglicized version of the Irish name Ó Cuanaigh which is derived from the Gaelic word cúana, meaning "a wolf." The Ó Cuanaighs were an ancient sept of the Uí Fiachrach tribe, who were based in what is now County Mayo, Ireland.

The sept might have derived their name from a legendary ancestor Cuano who was the descendent of Fiachra, a seventh-century Irish king of the Connaught region. Besides that, the O'Cooney sept was also part of the Corca Uladh tribe who were descended from the ancient kings of Ireland who dwelt in Uladh.

The O'Cooneys took part in many of Ireland's battles, such as the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. They were also active in the politics of the region, as they held a number of posts and offices in government and law. Indeed, a number of them achieved fame as poets, lawyers, and politicians throughout the ages.

The O'Cooneys are part of the vibrant tapestry of Irish culture and history, and they have been a part of the fabric of Irish life for centuries. The name continues to exist as a reminder of Ireland's past, and Irish heritage is still proudly celebrated by O'Cooneys around the world.

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O'Cooney: Where does the name O'Cooney come from?

The surname O'Cooney is an Irish surname, indicative of their Celtic heritage. The varied spellings, such as O'Coonie and Conney, point to its long history. Although the surname is not listed as particularly common, there are pockets of O'Cooneys scattered throughout the world today.

In Ireland, O'Cooney is still quite common, particularly in the province of Ulster and the counties of County Mayo and County Sligo. While parts of Europe, such as Germany and Spain, have a few Irish emigrants with the surname, the majority of O'Cooneys remain in the Emerald Isle.

Thanks to the large Irish diaspora, many with the surname have migrated to other parts of the world, particularly to Australia, the United States, and Canada. For instance, it can be found in higher pockets in states like California, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania - all places to which Irish immigrants moved for new opportunities.

That said, there is no one place where the surname is more popular than others; the numerous spellings of the O'Cooney surname mean that it shows up in a variety of locations. Whether it is a small Irish village, a larger city in the United States, or a remote beach in Australia, chances are that an O'Cooney will be found.

Variations of the surname O'Cooney

The surname O'Cooney is a variant of the Gaelic name ó Comhnaigh, which can be translated to mean “descendant of Comhna”. It is derived from the medieval Gaelic personal name Comhna, which is thought to belong to a different etymon than the name “Conn”.

The surname O'Cooney has numerous spelling variants, including: O'Coony, O Coyne, O'Koyne, O'Coonan, O'Cunnane, O'Cowan, O'Cunnyn, O'Cooney, and O'Cuney.

This surname can also appear as variants and surnames with different origins. For instance, it can sometimes appear as Cone, Cooney, Cowan, Coon, Conne, and even Cooneye. These spellings may suggest the name is of Old English origin, derived from the personal name Cunni, which is thought to have meant “warrior”.

So, even though they appear similar, the surname O'Cooney can have quite a few different substitutions from different origins. Therefore, it is important to research the surname and its associated variants in order to determine the true origin and meaning of the name.

Famous people with the name O'Cooney

  • Brendan O'Cooney: Irish actor, best known for his roles in Love/Hate, RTÉ’s soap opera Fair City, and films including Tiger Raid and The Lodgers.
  • Rupert O'Cooney: British actor famous for his roles in the British period dramas The Village and Durrells In Corfu.
  • Bridget O'Cooney: publisher and editor, known for working on New York Magazine as well as the New York Times Magazine and other notable publications.
  • John O'Cooney: journalist and columnist from Dublin, Ireland.
  • Devlin O'Cooney: Irish actor and musician known for appearing in short films and television series such as Stewart and His Horse.
  • Patrick O'Cooney: Irish actor, known for playing roles in films and television shows such as Love/Hate and Red Rock.
  • Gerry O'Cooney: British-Irish film and television actor, best known for his roles in the film Wasted and the television series Holby City.
  • Brian O'Cooney: Irish playwright and screenwriter, famous for writing plays such as 'This Doofus Life'.
  • Mary O'Cooney: Irish actress, best known for her roles in movies such as Garage and Your Bad Self.
  • Stan O'Cooney: British actor and director, known for his roles in British television series including The Bill.

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