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Surname O'Crotty - Meaning and Origin

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O'Crotty: What does the surname O'Crotty mean?

The surname O'Crotty is an Irish surname stemming from the Gaelic name "O'Crotaigh" which means "descendant of Crotar" or "descendant of a hound". O’Crotty is an anglicised version of the name that is often referred to colloquially as O’Crotty or Crotty.

The O’Crotty Clan are part of the larger Clann Uí Cheottaigh clan who trace their origins as far back as the fifth century Ancient Irish Kingdom of Leinster. The Clann Uí Cheottaigh clan were a leading tribe in the Kingdom of Uí Ceinnselaig and were believed to have powerful links to the King of Leinster.

The last name O’Crotty is closely associated with the town of Mooncoin in County Kilkenny, Ireland due to the fact that it was the home of a branch of the O’Crottys for some generations. The name was also quite common in different parts of Wexford and Carlow in the south of the country, and in Galway in the west.

The O'Crottys today are part of a global family with the name being recorded in census documents in both the US and Canada. It is believed that the O’Crotty name first came to the US sometime in the mid-1800s with the waves of Irish immigrants seeking a better life.

In conclusion, the name O'Crotty is steeped in history and its Irish roots can be traced all the way back to the Ancient Irish Kingdoms. Today the O'Crotty's are part of a global family, with many members scattered across the world.

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O'Crotty: Where does the name O'Crotty come from?

The last name O'Crotty is most commonly found today in Ireland. Although it is not one of the more popular surnames in the country, it does have a long and rich history in the Emerald Isle.

The surname O'Crotty is derived from the Gaelic name O'Croithigh which literally means 'son of the strong one'. It is thought to have originated in County Louth, where it was first recorded in the 11th century. At this time, the O'Crotty clan were an influential and power group in the region.

Over the centuries, the surname has spread outside of Louth and can now be found throughout Ireland. It is particularly common in the counties of Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, Limerick, Leitrim, Cavan and other parts of the country. O'Crotty is a common last name in the United States as well, and is found in small pockets throughout the country.

Despite its relative rarity, the name O'Crotty is associated with honour and achievement. Members of this family are members of some of the most respected clans in Ireland, and the name itself carries a certain level of respect. Today, many proud descendants of the O'Crotty clan can be found throughout the world and are proud to bear the name.

Variations of the surname O'Crotty

The surname O'Crotty is an Irish name derived from the Gaelic ‘O’ Crotaigh’ which is composed of two elements. The first element, ‘O’ (“Grandson of”) denotes the hereditary principle while the second element ‘Crotaigh’ is an old Irish name derived from the Gaelic ‘Crotta’ which means ‘bent’.

The variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin for O’Crotty are:

Variations: Crota, Crotaigh, Crotty, Crottey, Crottey

Spellings: O'Crotty, O'Crottey, O'Crotty, O'Crotaigh

Surnames: Crotty, Crottey, McRotey, MacRotey, McCrotty, McKrotty, McGrotty

The surname O'Crotty is widely dispersed throughout Ireland and is also found in Scotland, England, and the United States. Variations of the surname are often found in records, including O'Crotty, MacCrotty, McCrotty, McGrotty, and McRotey.

The origins of the O’Crotty name can be traced back to County Monaghan, located in the Irish province of Ulster. People bearing this name have spread around the world over the centuries, establishing themselves in locations such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The O’Crotty surname is still very much alive today and is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Irish people.

Famous people with the name O'Crotty

  • Jak O’Crotty: musician and songwriter.
  • Paul O'Crotty: political figure from Montana.
  • Peter O’Crotty: former head of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.
  • Cormac O’Crotty: Irish screenwriter, actor, and producer.
  • Claire O'Crotty: Irish actor, playwright, and theatre director.
  • Tom O'Crotty: business executive at Google.
  • Patrick O'Crotty: Irish actor and singer.
  • Chris O’Crotty: former major league baseball player.
  • Nora O'Crotty: hockey player and coach.
  • Patrick O'Crotty: American film director.
  • Ray O'Crotty: lead guitarist of the alternative rock band Alice in Chains.
  • Brian O’Crotty: U.S. Air Force officer.
  • Sharon O'Crotty: British investigative journalist.
  • Dan O'Crotty: professional golfer.
  • Jimmy O'Crotty: military historian.
  • Sean O'Crotty: Irish politician.
  • Victoria O'Crotty: journalist and producer.
  • John O'Crotty: credits in film, television, and theatre production.
  • Joan O'Crotty: American voice actor.

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