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Surname O'Curren - Meaning and Origin

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O'Curren: What does the surname O'Curren mean?

The last name O'Curren is derived from the Irish Gaelic name Ó Corraoin. It is an ancient surname which translates to mean "son of Corraoin". Corraoin itself is derived from the Old Irish word corradh, which is believed to mean "spear". It was also used to refer to a great warrior or chieftain.

The O'Curren clan originated in the Connacht province of Ireland. Records of the surname existed prior to the 12th century in the area, and in the old Irish records, it is often spelled as O'Curran. The O'Currens were a powerful family, with a number of distinguished descendants.

O'Currens served in various positions of power in the old Irish society. They were esteemed landed gentry and elected to various important governmental positions in the region. In addition, many members of the O'Curren family were associated with the church and held several high-ranking ecclesiastical positions.

Today, the O'Curren surname remains a proud part of Irish heritage. Members of the family are scattered throughout the world, and carry on fond memories of their history and culture. The O'Curren surname remains one of the most popular in Ireland and the world at large.

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O'Curren: Where does the name O'Curren come from?

The O'Curren surname is most commonly found in Ireland, specifically the Irish counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, and Limerick. It is believed to have originated in Limerick and was common in the Ardnageehy area. It is also found in Scotland but in far fewer numbers.

In more recent times, the O'Curren surname has been spread around the world by waves of emigration from the British Isles. Those bearing the O'Curren name may be found in countries such as Australia, the United States, Canada, England, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Several distinct branches of the O'Curren family are believed to exist, including the O'Curren Clan of Cork, the O'Currens of Clare, the O'Currens of Kerry, and the O'Currens of Limerick. These branches are all of Catholic origin, which is why the name may be found in predominantly Catholic areas today, such as Northern Ireland and parts of the Republic of Ireland.

The O'Curren surname has also been Anglicised in some cases. Variants of the o'Curren surname include Courran, Curran, Currin, O'Curean, and Corran. In some cases, the O' has been dropped from the name, resulting in variants such as Curren, Currin, and Corran.

Overall, the O'Curren surname is still a comparatively common one and is still found in many of the areas in which it originated.

Variations of the surname O'Curren

The surname O'Curren is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic name Ó Corraín or Ó Corrain. It is most commonly anglicized as O'Curran, Curran, Curren, Currane, Currant or Corran, but other variants have been rendered in different spellings as well.

The Ó Corraín surname comes from the Gaelic corb, meaning "raven" and was likely adopted as a nickname originally. The anglicized Curran is the most commonly used rendering of the surname today.

The variant Currant is a shortened version of the name, while the variant Corran is derived from the older Irish spelling of the surname. The variants Currane and Curren are much less common, and the latter is also found in Ireland.

The spelling variants O'Curran and O'Curren may be used interchangeably, although O'Curren is less common. Other slight spelling variations include Currah, Corranne and Gorran.

The Gaelic family names behind the English variants of the O'Curren surname include Ó Corraoin, Ó Corraidhe, Mac Giolla Chorráin (McGillacoraine), and Mac Giolla Chorrain (McGillacorran). In Scotland, the Irish O'Curren name is occasionally confused with the Scottish surname Currie.

Famous people with the name O'Curren

  • Colin O’Curren: Actor
  • Charles O’Curren: Former president of the Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
  • David O’Curren: Former Business Journalist
  • Siobhán O’Curren: Irish Politician
  • Bill O’Curren: American college football coach
  • Brian J. O’Curren: Political Strategist
  • Cathal O’Curren: Professional Footballer
  • Patsy O’Curren: WWII Enlisted man
  • Matt O’Curren: Former Major League Baseball Player
  • Patrick O’Curren: American Politician
  • John O’Curren: Former School Principal
  • John F. O’Curren: US Congressman
  • Daniel O’Curren: American Composer
  • Paul O’Curren: English Poet
  • Jim O’Curren: Professional Footballer
  • Sean O’Curren: American Filmmaker

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