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Surname O'Dell - Meaning and Origin

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O'Dell: What does the surname O'Dell mean?

The last name O'Dell is an Irish Anglicized surname derived from the Gaelic Ó Dubhghaill. It is alternately spelled as O'Dwyer, O'Daire, O'Doherty, or O'Distle.

The root word is "dubh", which means "black"; and "gaill", which means "a foreign or 'untrustworthy' man". Therefore, the literal translation of the surname 'O'Dell' is "descendant of the black foreigner or 'untrustworthy' man".

This surname was first recorded in the early 17th century when a Sir John O'Dell became an authority on religious matters in Meath, Ireland.

The family is associated with both Counties Meath and Kilkenny, and the name has spread to other areas, including Scotland and England.

The O'Dell name is now associated with many different career paths, including business, professional athletics, music, and acting.

The O'Dell family is known for its industrious and friendly nature, as well as strong religious roots and a great dedication to the preservation of their traditions. The family is also known for producing community leaders in their respective areas.

Overall, the surname O’Dell holds a proud and interesting history in Irish tradition and culture, and has been passed down to numerous households throughout the world.

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O'Dell: Where does the name O'Dell come from?

The last name O'Dell is commonly found throughout the United States, especially in the South and Midwest. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, O'Dell is the 4,039th most common last name in the United States, occurring at a rate far greater than the national average. It is most commonly found in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Virginia.

The surname is derived from the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill, which is the name of a Norman-Irish clan. The name is composed of the elements "O," meaning grandson or descendant, and "Dubhghaill," denoting a dark-haired person from a river.

The O'Dell family can be traced to its roots in Leinster, Ireland. It is thought that the family migrated to Scotland in the 12th century, and then into England and France during the 14th century. In England, they were found in the counties of Ferandshire, Bedfordshire, and Kent.

With the rise of Irish immigration to the United States in the late 1800s, the O'Dell family has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in America. The family is now spread out all over the United States, with the last name producing many successful people in the business, art, and entertainment fields.

It interesting to note that in the last few decades, O'Dell has become a popular middle name as well, often used to honor Irish heritage.

Variations of the surname O'Dell

The O'Dell surname has a few variants, spellings and other names with the same origin. The most well-known variant is the spelling O'Dell, which is derived from the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill. Other variants include O'Dowd, O'Doyle, O'Dowel, O'Dwyer and O'Doherty.

The O'Dwyer surname is a shortened form of the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill. This shorter form of the name was originally spelled O'Dwir and was recorded in several places in the late 16th century, including Waterford and Kerry. It is thought to be derived from the Irish "dubh" meaning "dark" or "black".

The O'Doyle surname is a variant of the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill, and is derived from the Gaelic "dubhghaill" meaning "dark foreigner." This surname was first recorded in the 15th century, and is most commonly associated with County Waterford.

The O'Dowd surname is a variant of the Irish name O'Dubhghaill, and is derived from the Gaelic "dubhghaill" meaning "dark foreigner." This name is most commonly associated with the province of Connacht.

The O'Dowel surname is derived from the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill, and is related to the word "dubh" which means "dark" or "black". This surname is most common in Counties Sligo, Meath and Galway.

Finally, the O'Doherty surname is derived from the Irish surname O'Dubhghaill. This name is derived from the Gaelic "dubhghaill", which means "dark foreigner." This name was first recorded in the 15th century. It is particularly associated with County Donegal.

Famous people with the name O'Dell

  • Colin O'Dell: British actor
  • Brady O'Dell: American footballer
  • Rebecca O'Dell: American actress
  • Henry O'Dell: former American basketball player
  • Tom O'Dell: British singer
  • Charlotte O'Dell: British singer
  • Barbra O'Dell: American author
  • Patrick O'Dell: American television producer
  • Brian O'Dell: American soccer coach
  • Ernest O'Dell Jr.: American lieutenant general
  • Michael O'Dell: English musician
  • Tara O'Dell: American actress
  • Conor O'Dell: American actor
  • Tammy O'Dell: American actress
  • Stan O'Dell: American professional golfer
  • Jason O'Dell: American actor
  • Robert L O'Dell: American physicist
  • Michael G. O'Dell: American entrepreneur
  • Patrick O'Dell: American journalist
  • Terry O'Dell: American former stock car driver

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