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Surname O'Dennehy - Meaning and Origin

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O'Dennehy: What does the surname O'Dennehy mean?

The Irish surname O’Dennehy is derived from the Gaelic name O'Dionnaicht, which translates to ‘descended from Dionacht,’ or ‘grandson of Dionacht.’ Dionacht is an ancient and popular Irish personal name; it is derived from the Gaelic word ‘donnacht,’ which means ‘brave.’ This name is preserved in many places throughout Ireland and has also been carried to other countries, as many Irish people moved abroad after the Great Famine in the 1800s.

The O’Dennehy name is found particularly in counties Cork and Clare, where Irish clans had a stronghold since the 11th century. The O’Dennehy family was a landed noble family that descended from the ancient kings of Uí Fidgentí and held the hereditary title of ‘Chief of their Nation’ until the dissolution of the Gaelic system in the early 1600s. During the 19th century, the head of the family was Edward O’Dennehy, who was a prominent member of the Irish aristocracy and held the title of ‘Baron of Ballybay.’

The O’Dennehy family continues to be known for their contributions to Irish history and culture. Many family members have served in important civic roles throughout Ireland, including mayors of Cork and Kerry. Today, many of the descendants of O’Dennehy still live in Ireland and continue to cherish their family’s legacy and maintain an active interest in their Irish heritage.

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O'Dennehy: Where does the name O'Dennehy come from?

The O'Dennehy surname is most commonly found in County Cork, Ireland. It is an old Irish name that originated in the 16th century in the Macroom area of Munster. It is derived from the Irish Ó Donnchadha, the Gaelic prefix “O” meaning grandson or descendant, and the Irish given name Donnchadh. The name is still held in significant numbers in County Cork and the Irish diaspora, with more than 100 instances in the United States. In Irish records, the O'Dennehy family were found scattered in various parts of County Cork, with some still living in the Macroom area. Some have moved to other parts of Ireland such as Dublin, Kerry and Wexford.

The O'Dennehy surname can still be found in a number of countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. In the United States the O'Dennehy surname is most common in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Florida. In Canada it is most commonly found in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. In Australia the surname is most common in the states of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. In the United Kingdom it is most commonly found in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Variations of the surname O'Dennehy

The surname O'Dennehy is derived from the Irish Ó Duineacháin, meaning “descendant of Duineachain”. It is found throughout the province of Munster. Variations include O'Denney, O'Dinneen, O'Dineen, O'Dinnon, O'Dinny, O'Dinnie, Dennehy, Denney, Jennahy, Dinneen, Dion, Dinny, Dineen, Dionne, Donovan, Donnevan, Donoghan as well as Dennahy.

The surname has been found primarily in County Cork and County Kerry in Southern Ireland. The surname is also found in North America and Australia in the form O'Dennehy and O'Denney. The surname began when the anglicized forms of the Gaelic Ó Duineacháin were adopted by various bearers of the surname.

The modern spellings of the surname are also found in other countries, including Ireland, England, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States of America.

Most of the variations of the surname were primarily used in Munster, with the exception of Dennehy, which is an anglicization of the name used during the 19th century in other areas in Ireland. However, in the modern day, people with the surname can be found in many different countries throughout the world.

Famous people with the name O'Dennehy

  • Steve O'Dywer: Welsh actor.
  • Michael O'Dowd: Irish-American boxing champion.
  • Laurie O'Donohue: Irish sports commentator.
  • Peter O'Donnell: American comic book writer.
  • Mark O'Donnell: Tony Award-winning American playwright.
  • Chris O'Dowd: Irish comedian and actor.
  • Terry O'Neill: English photography and music producer.
  • Sean O'Dair: former professional American boxer.
  • Kevin O'Driscoll: Irish soccer player.
  • Charles O'Donoghue: physicist and pioneer of artificial intelligence.
  • Harry O'Donnell: American football coach.
  • Tom O'Donnell: Irish businessman.
  • Ann O'Donoghue: American actress.
  • John O'Donnell: Irish-American professional boxer.
  • Brian O'Donnell: Irish poet.
  • Steve O'Dell: Irish footballer.
  • Joe O'Donnell: Award-winning American cinematographer.
  • Shane O'Donnell: Irish hockey player.
  • Seamus O'Donnell: Irish rugby player.
  • John O'Dowd: British politician.

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