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Surname O'Denning - Meaning and Origin

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O'Denning: What does the surname O'Denning mean?

The last name O'Denning is an Irish surnaame, derived from the Gaelic Ó Díonnain sept who were located in County Cork and derived from an ancient chieftain. They are believed to be a branch of the ancient Corca Laoidhe tribe, whose descendants are still spread throughout the province of Munster.

The root of the name is the word ‘díon’ which means ‘a place of assembly’. This term was often used in relation to the meetings of ancient Irish councils, similar to but pre-dating the Gaelic Brehon Law system. Therefore, the O'Dennings take their name from their ancestral home and the meaning of the name is 'descendants of the assembly place'.

The name is still quite widely found throughout Ireland, especially in the counties of Cork and Kerry, though it is fairly rare in other parts of the world. Typified as a sept of the ancient tribe of Corca Laoidhe, the O'Dennings are often remembered for their traditional loyalty to the Irish cause and for their prowess in battle.

The O'Dennings are proud to be part of the tradition of the Irish people and still hold strong to their Gaelic roots. To this day, the O'Dennings remain proud of their historical identity and wear the name of O'Denning with honor and distinction.

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O'Denning: Where does the name O'Denning come from?

The O’Denning surname is found mainly in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It has its roots in the Old English word “denu”, which means “valley”. The earliest recorded spelling of the surname O’Denning was found in County Galway, Ireland in 1381, but the name can be traced back to at least the first century AD and possibly earlier.

The last name O’Denning is most commonly found in Ireland today. County Galway and County Mayo are places where O’Denning families can be historically linked to and continue to live in today. In the United Kingdom, the O’Denning last name is most commonly found in Scotland and England, with Ireland being the main area of origin.

Outside of Ireland and the United Kingdom, the O’Denning last name is found throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries with Irish diaspora. Many of the early immigrants to the United States primarily settled in areas with high Irish populations, like Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, and Chicago. As a result, O’Denning families can be commonly found across the northeastern United States, in addition to other large American cities.

For many, the O’Denning last name is the most tangible connection to their Irish ancestry. In Ireland, there is a rich history of Irish clans and surnames that are associated with the region and its people. As a part of that history, the O’Denning last name is alive and well in Ireland and beyond, as families and individuals proudly carry on the name in celebration of their heritage.

Variations of the surname O'Denning

The surname O'Denning has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is an anglicized form of the Gaelic (Irish and Scottish) surname O'Duinn. Other English spellings of the name include O'Dinning, O'Dening and O'Dennin. The variants and spellings of the surname can also be found in other languages, such as French, where it is spelled Odennant or Odening, and German, where it is spelled OeDennen.

Variants of the O'Denning surname include Dunne, Denne, Denn, Dinne, Denning, Denning and Dinning. These variants vary in spelling from the O'Denning form but are all derived from the Gaelic O'Duinn. The surname also has several other variants in other languages such as Duinn, Doying, Doyane, Doen, Donnery, Donray and Denyne.

The surname O'Denning is also closely connected to other surnames such as O'Dunne, O'Done, O'Dine and O'Donahue. All these names can be traced back to the same Gaelic root.

The surname O'Denning can also be found in its abbreviated form, Den, or McKinney. Both of these forms are used in Ireland and Scotland, although McKinney is more commonly used in Scotland.

The Irish O'Denning is believed to have been derived from a clan who lived in County Mayo. The surname is also used in America today, where it has been passed down through successive generations of emigrants.

Famous people with the name O'Denning

  • John O'Denning: Former Professional Rugby Player
  • Beth O'Denning: Actress and Model
  • Rosaleen O'Denning: Musician
  • William O'Denning: Media Company Executive
  • Patrick O'Denning: Politician
  • Andrew O'Denning: Actor
  • Kathy O'Denning: Voice Actor
  • Felicity O'Denning: Artist
  • Fergus O'Denning: Novelist
  • Kevin O'Denning: Football Player

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