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Surname O'Donell - Meaning and Origin

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O'Donell: What does the surname O'Donell mean?

The last name O'Donell is a classic Irish surname. It is derived from the Gaelic name 'Ó Domhnail'. It is a patronymic name originating from the name Domhnall, which means ‘world ruler’ or ‘dominion’. Therefore, the literal meaning of O'Donell is ‘descendant of the lord of the world’.

The O'Donells were a powerful family for centuries and they held a central position in Irish politics and society. They were the rulers of the Ui Conaill tribe in Donegal, which is now the county in northwest Ireland. This dynasty was believed to have started with Domhnall, who was descended from Conall Gulban, the son of Niall of the Nine Hostages - a legendary ancient Irish warrior.

The O’Donells played an important role in Irish history and many famous figures have the surname. Most famously Red Hugh O'Donell, who was a rival to Queen Elizabeth 1 of England in the 16th century and who lead an unsuccessful uprising against her forces in 1597.

Overall, the origin of the last name O'Donell is steeped in history and has a proud legacy. It's a great reminder of the proud heritage and powerful legacy of Irish culture and its people.

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O'Donell: Where does the name O'Donell come from?

O'Donell is an Irish surname, originating from either the Gaelic Irish Ó Domhnalláin, Ó Domhnall or Ó Dunaill. Although the surname is Irish in origin, O'Donell can be found all over the world today.

In Ireland, the highest concentration of the last name O'Donell can be found in the province of Ulster, in the counties of Donegal and Derry. O'Donneles are also found all over Northern Ireland.

In the United States, the O'Donells are mainly concentrated in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with the highest concentrations in New York City and Philadelphia.

In the United Kingdom, the most common areas to find the last name O'Donell are in the cities of London, Belfast and Liverpool.

In Australia, O'Donells are mainly concentrated in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, with the highest concentration in the state of Victoria.

In Canada, the majority of the O'Donells can be found in Ontario and British Columbia.

Finally, in South America, O'Donells can be found all over the continent, but the highest concentrations are in Argentina and Brazil.

Overall, the last name O'Donell is common all over the world today, from Ireland to the United States to South America. Even though the name has its origins in Ireland, its spread throughout the world makes it an international name.

Variations of the surname O'Donell

The surname O’Donnell has numerous variant spellings and surnames originating from the same root. The alternating spellings of the surname are O’Donell and O’Donnel. The two main variants of this Irish surname are O’Dubhghaill and O’Doinnghail. The Mac variants are MacDonnell, MacConnel, and MacDonel.

The surname O’Donnell is one of Ireland’s oldest and most prominent dynasties and is associated with some of the most influential figures in Irish history. The clan hails from Donegal, which gives the name Donegal O’Donnells. They were descended from a chieftain whose territory was known as Tir Chonaill.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, there was an influx of O’Donells into Scotland from Ulster. This has seen variants of the name emerge such as O’Dandely, O’Dandy, O’Dannelly, Dannelly, O’Donnelly, Donnelly, O’Donelly, Donelly, Donly, and Dunly.

On the continent, some variants of the name, particularly among the French, include Donel, Donnal, DeDonell, O’Donell, O’Dinal, and Donell.

In addition, the surname has been shortened to Don and McLellan, and other spelling variants include Dunleavy, Dunlevy, and O’Dunley. O'Donnell is also used as a shortened form of the name, as well as Donnell andDonnell.

In summary, the numerous variants of the surname O’Donell originate from the two primary Irish variants O’Dubhghaill and O’Doinnghail, and they include MacDonnell, MacConnel, MacDonel, O’Dandely, O’Dandy, O’Dannelly, Dannelly, O’Donnelly, Donnelly, O’Donelly, Donelly, Donly, Dunly, Donel, Donnal, DeDonell, O’Donell, O’Dinal, Donell, Don, McLellan, Dunleavy, Dunlevy, O’Dunley, O'Donnell, Donnell, andDonnell.

Famous people with the name O'Donell

  • Rosie O'Donnell: An American comedian, actress, author, and television host.
  • Lawrence O'Donnell: An American television personality and producer who currently hosts The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.
  • Finbar O'Donnell: An Irish nationalist politician and Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly.
  • Danny O'Donnell: An Australian rules football player and the current coach of the North Melbourne Football Club.
  • Larry O'Donnell: An American politician who served as the 66th Mayor of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Eugene O'Donnell: An Irish barrister who has served as the Deputy Governor of Ireland's Central Bank and as a member of Ireland's Seanad Éireann.
  • Cara O'Donnell: An Irish rugby union player who currently plays for Munster and Ireland.
  • Rachel O'Donnell: An English cricketer who is the current head coach of the England women's cricket team.
  • Terry O'Donnell: A former professional ice hockey player who spent four seasons in the National Hockey League.
  • Cormac O'Donnell: An Irish Gaelic footballer with Mayo GAA who has won an All-Ireland Senior Football Championship medal.
  • Conor O'Donnell: An Irish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for League of Ireland Premier Division side Bohemians F.C.

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