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Surname O'Egan - Meaning and Origin

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O'Egan: What does the surname O'Egan mean?

The last name O’Egan originates from Gaelic Ireland, and is a variation of the name “O’Hagan” or “O’Hegarty.” It is derived from the Gaelic word “Ionghagan,” which means fiery-one.

The O’Egans were among some of the earliest to settle in Ireland, migrating from the northeast of Europe around the fourth century. Originally, they were part of the militarily powerful clan known as Érainn, who were active in politics and warfare. The famous Irish king, Brian Boru, is believed to have been descended from the O’Egans.

In more modern times, the O’Egans became prominent in many fields, from politics to the medical profession and everything in between. There are noted O’Egans who have held high-ranking positions in government, such as former senator and presidential candidate Patrick O’Egan, and Charles O’Egan, who was an advisor to President John F. Kennedy.

The O’Egans have also made a mark in the arts, with Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist William O’Egan and the playwright James O’Egan. In music, there are influential performers such as Jesse O’Egan, whose music is often associated with Americana folk roots, and the controversial rocker Seán O’Egan, who is known for pushing the boundaries of rock music with his often shocking lyrics.

The O’Egan clan is an important part of Irish history and culture, and their multifaceted contributions to society are sure to be remembered for generations to come.

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O'Egan: Where does the name O'Egan come from?

The last name O'Egan is most commonly found in the Irish county of Tipperary today. This ancient Gaelic name is derived from the Irish Ó hAodhagáin which translates to "descendent of Aodhagan". The original Gaelic form of the name was Ó hÉigeand which translates to lower meaning “fierce” or “angry".

The O'Egan surname is most popular in and around Tipperary with clusters of the name living in some other Irish counties such as Cork, Limerick, Wexford and Dublin. O’Egans are generally considered to be of Munster origin since they were first associated with ancient Munster tribal territories.

The O'Egan surname is also found primarily in North American countries, particularly in the US, Canada and New Zealand. Irish immigrants who travelled to the US during the Great Famine (1845-1852) often changed their name upon arrival to avoid discrimination or to make it sound more American, hence the O'Egan surname is found in many variations.

The original O'Egan clan were a powerful and influential sept within Munster during the Middle Ages. By the 16th century, they had become prominent as part of the powerful Butler family which ruled over Ormond, Tipperary and Kilkenny to a certain extent. To this day, the O'Egan name still retains its strong presence in the region.

Variations of the surname O'Egan

The surname O'Egan is an anglicized form of the Irish surname "O hEighnachain", which means a descendant of the male ancestor of Egan. This surname is most commonly found in southeastern Ireland, especially in counties Cork, Kilkenny, and Tipperary.

Variant spellings of the O'Egan surname include Egan, O'Egan, O'Heggan, and Heggan. Common surname variants include Heugan, Hegan, Heggan, Heggane, and Eggan.

The O'Egan surname is derived from the Gaelic "O hEighnachain" clan. The "O" prefix means "grandson", or a descendant of the original ancestor. The prefix is often dropped in anglicized versions of the surname.

In some cases, O'Egan can also be found without the prefix. For example, the surname might be spelled as "Eighnachain". Other phonetic variations include O'Hegarty, O'Heagarty, O'Hegatin, and O'Heighin.

The O'Egan surname is also found in other parts of the world outside Ireland as a result of emigration. For example, the surname is commonly found in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. The surname may also appear in other altered forms, such as O'Geen, O'Geeny, O'Gee, O'Ghee, and O'Gheen.

In some cases, the O'Egan surname has also evolved into other surnames. For example, in some cases, it can be found as O'Gonski, O'Guiness, or O'Guinan. In other cases the surname may have evolved into Hege, Hegh, or Heggs.

Famous people with the name O'Egan

  • Brian O’Egan: Former Terex Corporation executive, motivational speaker, and author of The Change Factor
  • Jack O’Egan: Irish footballer from Limerick who plays as a defender for Shamrock Rovers
  • Jamie O’Egan: Retired footballer from England who played as a defender for Cambridge United
  • Shane O’Egan: Irish hurler who plays for his club side Loughmacurra
  • David O’Egan: Former camogie player who competed for Ireland in the 2009 world championship
  • Noel O’Egan: Irish motorcycle racer from Carrigaline who competes in the Rock Oil IN1C National Enduro Championship
  • Tomás O’Egan: Former Irish Gaelic footballer who played for the Sligo senior team
  • Brian O’Egan: Former hurler from Co. Meath, Ireland who won an All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship with the Meath senior team in 2005
  • Ryan O’Egan: American actor and comedian from Austin, Texas, best known for his role as 'Howie' in the film The Rock III
  • Ciara O’Egan: Irish actress from Co. Cork, known for her work in films such as The Young Offenders, and television series such as Evelyn and Crimecall.

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