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Surname O'Ferrell - Meaning and Origin

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O'Ferrell: What does the surname O'Ferrell mean?

The last name O’Ferrell is an Irish surname of Gaelic origin. Historically, many Irish last names were derived from toponyms referencing the native people and countryside. O’Ferrell follows this pattern, originating from the Ferguson Clan of Ulster in the province of Ulster in Northern Ireland. The name O’Ferrell stems from Feardorcha, an Irish-Gaelic phrase that means “dark, stormy” and is believed to be the nickname of an early clan ancestor. The prefix “O’” is an Irish-Gaelic phrase meaning “descended from” and when used before a surname is meant to signify a specific family line.

Alternate spellings of the last name O’Ferrell can include O’Farrell, Ferrell, Farrel, and Ferell, which can also be found in countries with large Irish populations, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. This is due to the large emigration of Irish people beginning during the potato famine in the 1800s, and it is believed that there are descendants of the Ferguson Clan of Ulster present in many of these countries.

The crest of the O’Ferrell surname is an arm wielding a saber encircled by a garland of oak, signifying strength and endurance. The motto is “Quod optime”, meaning “what is best”. Nowadays, the surname O’Ferrell remains a common Irish name, and can be found in many countries around the world.

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O'Ferrell: Where does the name O'Ferrell come from?

The last name O'Ferrell is most commonly seen in Ireland and Scotland, but it is also found in other parts of the world. In Ireland, O'Ferrell is a widely found surname. It is believed to have originated in the county of Monaghan but was also found in counties such as Clare, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Mayo, Meath, Tipperary and Waterford.

In Scotland, it is more commonly found in counties such as Aberdeenshire, Caithness, Renfrewshire and Tayside. The name is also quite popular in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. O'Ferrell is also found in many other countries such as France, Germany and Iceland.

The last name can often be traced back to a Gaelic clan in Ireland, the Tribe of Fergive, or the descendants of a chieftain of that clan, or those who descend from him. Over the centuries, many O'Ferrells have emigrated from Ireland to other countries and the name has been carried on.

Whether it's in Ireland, Scotland, the United States or elsewhere, O'Ferrell is a popular and well-known surname. It's likely to remain popular as its roots date back centuries and its been carried on and around the world.

Variations of the surname O'Ferrell

The surname O'Ferrell (or O’Farrell) originates from the Gaelic (Irish) surname O’Fearghail, meaning “of Ferghal”, “son of Ferghal”. Historically, the name belonged to a powerful Connacht ruling family. It was first established in the early 13th century and was prominent in the province for many centuries.

Variants of the surname O’Ferrell include the spellings of O’Farrelly, O'Ferrall, O'Farrelly, O'Ferrel, O'Ferril, O'Feral, O'Ferrelly, O'Ferrill, O'Ferrall and Feral. This is due to changes in spelling over times due to the phonetic change of words, as well as differences in pronounciations and spellings.

The surname O’Ferrell is also linked to many other Irish surnames, such as Farrell, Farrel, Farrall, Farral, Ferrel, Ferrall, Ferrill, Ferrelly, Ferril, Feral, and Ferrell. These are variations that come from various Irish (Gaelic) spelling conventions and renderings of the original Gaelic-Irish surname.

In the United States, the surname O'Ferrell is usually spelled O'Farrell. It is also seen as Ferrell, Farrell and Farrel, and variants of these.

The O'Ferrell surname is shared around the world today, with many branches of the family living in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries.

Famous people with the name O'Ferrell

  • Chris O’Farrell, actor in "Charmed"
  • Jane O’Farrell, British Actor
  • Tammy O’Farrell, Actress
  • Sean O’Farrell, Entertainer
  • Mary O’Farrell, journalist
  • Colin O’Farrell, scientist
  • Peter O’Farrell, Irish politician
  • Tori O’Farrell, Author
  • Ed O’Farrell, marine
  • Andrew Clarence O’Farrell, Auctioneer
  • Conor O’Farrell, Character Actor
  • Ray O’Farrell, Author
  • Jean O’Farrell, bridge player
  • Monica O’Farrell, Politician
  • Alanna O’Farrell, Broadcaster
  • Siobhan O’Farrell, Musician
  • Rory O’Farrell, actor
  • Greg O’Farrell, Filmmaker
  • Paul O’Farrell, Environmentalist
  • Sean O’Farrell, Politician

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