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Surname O'Ferrill - Meaning and Origin

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O'Ferrill: What does the surname O'Ferrill mean?

The last name O’Ferrill is an ancient Irish name from the Gaelic surname, 'O'Fearghail', which means ‘descendant of Fearghal’. Fearghal was a personal name that originated from the Gaelic 'fearchar', meaning 'daring man'. O'Ferrill is an uncommon surname in Ireland and is mainly found in the province of Connacht, which includes counties Galway, Sligo, Mayo, and Roscommon. It's believed that the name originated within the Ó Fearghail dynasty of Oireachtas, in North Connacht, and was spread all around the region during the 1600s.

The O'Ferrill family name anchored itself in Withins, County Galway, primarily in the Fenagh parish. Along with other names such as O'Kelly, Manning, and Corley, the O'Ferrills were part of the Protestant gentry family of the barony of Costelstown in the early 18th Century. Later on, many of the O'Ferrills migrated to other European nations such as the United States, Australia, and Canada in search for better opportunities.

The O’Ferrills today are a highly distinguished family, with many descendants spread all around the world. The O’Ferrills carry a rich heritage spanning centuries, and the name stands as a testament to the resilience and courage of the Irish people.

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O'Ferrill: Where does the name O'Ferrill come from?

The last name O'Ferrill is most commonly found in Ireland today. In fact, it is considered to be one of the more common Irish surnames, with more than 5,000 people holding the name in Ireland according to the Irish Genes Reunited database. O'Ferrill is ultimately derived from the Gaelic phrase "o'Failghile," which translates to "descendant of Ferghal," a personal name formed from two words meaning "man" and "valor."

While the name is still most commonly found in Ireland, there are also O'Ferrills in other parts of the world, particularly in the Americas. In the United States, for example, more than 11,000 people have the surname O'Ferrill according to the US Census Bureau. In Canada there are over 4,000 O'Ferrill people, with the majority of them living in Ontario.

Over the years, the spelling of O'Ferrill has changed, with variants such as O'Farrell, O'Ferrell, Farrel, Ferrill, and Ferrell common today. Despite these spelling changes, O'Ferrill remains a common Irish surname with a unique history and heritage.

Variations of the surname O'Ferrill

The surname O'Ferrill is an anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Fearghail, meaning "son of Fearghal". The Gaelic form is still used in Ireland, while O'Ferrill is the most widely used spelling in the United States. Other variations of the name include O'Ferrell, O'Farrell, O'Farlane, Opharel, O'Feral, and Ferrill.

In the United States, O'Ferrill is most commonly found as the primary spelling, while O'Ferrell is the second most used variation. O'Farrell is the third most used variation, followed by O'Farlane and Ferrill. Opharel and O'Feral are the rarest variations.

The O'Ferrill surname can also be broken down according to the Irish language based on the prefix "Ó". The "Ó" prefix denotes a male descendant or son of. The root names following the prefix are Fearghal, Farrell, or Feral.

For example, Ó Fearghail (O'Ferrill) indicates a male descendant of Fearghal; Ó Fhearghla (O'Farrell) indicates a male descendant of Farrell; and Ó Fhearail (O'Feral) indicates a male descendant of Feral.

In conclusion, the surname O'Ferrill is an Anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Fearghail, meaning "son of Fearghal". The variations of the surname include O'Ferrill, O'Ferrell, O'Farrell, O'Farlane, Opharel, O'Feral, and Ferrill. The prefix "Ó" denotes the male descendant of a particular root name, which is typically either Fearghal, Farrell, or Feral.

Famous people with the name O'Ferrill

  • Billy O'Ferrill: American singer-songwriter, an original member of the group The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi.
  • Reverend M.F. O'Ferrill: an American Catholic priest, founder of the Diocese of Edinburgh in 1947.
  • Haeley O'Ferrill: an actress and dancer, appearing in films such as Dreamgirls and on Broadway in shows such as Broadway & Beyond and Mamma Mia!
  • Pat O'Ferrill: an American actor, best known for his roles in films such as The Breakfast Club, The Crow, and Red Dawn.
  • Kasey O'Ferrill: a professional soccer player, competing with San Antonio FC since 2018.
  • Nancy O'Ferrill: an American ice skater, part of two world championship teams and winner of a bronze medal at the 1972 Olympics.
  • Steve O'Ferrill: an American football coach, who has head coaching stints at Lamar University and the University of Houston.
  • Aimée O'Ferrill: a deputy minister in the Canadian government, with a storied career in both public and private sector work.
  • Morgan O'Ferrill: a novelist and award-winning poet, known for her work on works such as Embers, Lost in the Light, and Origins of a Summer.
  • Kenneth O'Ferrill: an American lawyer and former state court judge, with a focus on civil and human rights law.

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