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Surname O'Flanigan - Meaning and Origin

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O'Flanigan: What does the surname O'Flanigan mean?

The O'Flanigan surname is an Irish surname with Gaelic origins. The surname is derived from the Irish Gaelic ó Flannagáin, which is derived from the personal name Flannagán. The name is composed of two elements - "flann" which means reddish, and "agan" which is derived from the Old Irish word for "little". This indicates that the original bearer of this surname was a person with red hair.

The O'Flanigans were originally located in modern day County Clare, Ireland, and eventually spread to the surrounding counties. Historically, the O'Flanigans were a sept - a group of families or clans related to one another by blood or marriage and descended from a common ancestor. This blood tie kept them united as a people, despite living in different areas of Ireland.

The O'Flanigans are known for their history of hard work and loyalty to one another. They have a reputation of being devout followers of the Catholic Church and proponents of peace. This has been passed down through generations and has lasted until this day.

Today, the surname O'Flanigan is still commonly found in Ireland, but can also be found in any part of the world where Irish immigrants settled. The name is still associated with its reputed characteristics of faithfulness, hard work, and loyalty.

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O'Flanigan: Where does the name O'Flanigan come from?

The last name O'Flanigan is most common in Ireland and the United Kingdom, where it originated. The surname first appeared in Irish records in the fifteenth century and stems from an old Gaelic clan. According to Irish tradition, O'Flanigan refers to the "descendant of Flanagan" from the Irish word "Flannagán," which is composed of two elements: "flann" meaning "reddish complexioned" and "the diminutive suffix -agán meaning “little red one.”

In Ireland, O'Flanigan is found mainly in County Monaghan and, to a lesser extent, in counties Cork, Wexford, Tipperary, Galway, and Cavan. The most populous area of Britain where O'Flanigan is found today is London, where 21 O'Flanigans were recorded in the 2014 UK census. O'Flanigan is also seen in various other areas of the United Kingdom, such as Yorkshire, Liverpool, and Manchester. In total, 201 O'Flanigan households were recorded in the UK in the same 2014 census.

The last name O'Flanigan is also found in countries outside of Ireland and the UK. This could be as a result of emigration to other parts of Europe, and, more recently, to the United States, Australia, and Canada. In Australia, the largest population of O'Flanigans can be found in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, although smaller pockets exist elsewhere. In the United States, the highest concentrations of O'Flanigans are found in California, New Jersey, and New York.

Variations of the surname O'Flanigan

The surname O'Flanigan is an Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Flannagáin, deriving from the Gaelic Flannagán or Flanagan, both of which loosely translate to "red-haired soldier". As such, its variants includeFlanagan, O'Flanagan, Flanaghan, O'Flanaghan, Flanigan, O'Flanigan, and sometimes Flanigen.

When locating families with this surname, it may be necessary to search by alternative spellings and variants. Though most of the surnames listed are still anglicized forms, different languages and dialects can create slight variations in spelling and pronunciation, making it difficult to track down a record.

During the initial influx of immigrants to North America, spelling mistakes were often made by both the traveler and the official transcribing the information. In addition to phonetic transpositions, O'Flanigan could go by the alternate spellings of Flannagan, Flanigon, and Flanigan. In other areas, the surname may be found under the phonically similar Flannikin, Flannick, and Flannighan.

In the late 19th Century, immigrants changed their surnames to sound more cosmopolitan or to hide their Irish origin. Given this shift, it is possible to find O'Flanigan under a variety of surnames, including "Fannan", "Fannin", "Faenan", and "Failan".

Famous people with the name O'Flanigan

  • Martin O'Flanagan: A former Australian politician and Member for Parkes in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from 1988-1991 and 1999-2007.
  • Paddy O'Flanagan: An Irish singer and songwriter best known as the singer in The Dubliners from 1967-1972.
  • Gary O'Flanagan: An English TV producer, director, and writer, best known for his work on shows such as "This Is David Harper" (1993-1996) and "The Bill" (2005-2007).
  • Michael O'Flanagan: An Irish politician and Fianna Fáil Teachta Dála (TD) for the Dublin North constituency from 1932-1937.
  • Noreen O'Flanagan: An Irish novelist and short story writer active in the early 20th century whose best-known work is the collection of short stories, 'Those Who Knock'.
  • Stephen O'Flanagan: A former Australian cricketer who represented Tasmania and Victoria in the 1980's.
  • Jennifer O'Flanagan: A Canadian actress from Ottawa, Ontario who has appeared in several television and film productions, most notably in the 2006 TV movie 'One Dead Indian'.
  • James O'Flanagan: A former Australian politician who represented the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Bendigo East from 1992-2002.
  • Tim O'Flanagan: An Irish sculptor best known for his public art commissions in Dublin, the most popular being the figures 'Children at Play' (1993) and 'Lightbox' (2011) located in the Smithfield area of the city.
  • Jane O'Flanagan: An American author, editor and marketer who has worked in the publishing industry since the 1990s and written numerous books on health and nutrition, most notably 'The Health Workshop Omnibus' (1998).

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