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Surname O'Gneeve - Meaning and Origin

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O'Gneeve: What does the surname O'Gneeve mean?

The surname O'Gneeve is an Irish surname, originally derived from the medieval Gaelic personal name O Gnímh. This name is composed of the prefix O (which means "grandson"), the noun gnímh (meaning "accomplishment" or "effort"), and the diminutive suffix -eó, meaning "little" or "beloved."

The surname O'Gneeve is closely associated with the province of Ulster since it is most common in Counties Antrim and Donegal. In some cases, it may be a variant of Grieve, which is found in counties Fermanagh, Down, and Londonderry. Many of the people surnamed O'Gneeve can trace their ancestry back to the Uí Chneev and Clann Dal Chneev, a people of ancient Pictish origin who were mentioned in the Annals of the Four Masters from 1299 until the 16th century.

Throughout Ireland, the name O'Gneeve has European roots. It may have originated with the Norse or Norman invasion, as well as with Scottish or Anglo-Saxon settlers in more recent centuries. The surname O'Gneeve has been in use since at least the 16th century and is found throughout Ireland in different forms.

Today, the name is most commonly found today in the Province of Ulster. The O'Gneeve family crest is said to bear a green shield with a black serpent. The crest reflects the ancient Gaelic origins of the name and its association with legendary heroes from Ulster.

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O'Gneeve: Where does the name O'Gneeve come from?

The surname O'Gneeve is most commonly found in Ireland, though it is also found in small numbers in other parts of the world. In Ireland, it is mainly found in County Clare, where the name originated. It is an old Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic name 'MacAonghusa', meaning 'son of Angus'.

The O'Gneeve surname is recorded in the Ulster King Lists as a sept, or branch, of the O'Brien Clan of Ui Maeil-Sechlainn. The septs of the O'Brien clan were dispersed across what is today County Clare, County Tipperary, County Limerick, and County Galway.

Today, the surname O'Gneeve can be found primarily in Clare, where it is still fairly common, as well as around Galway and Cork. It can also be found in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and South Africa, though its presence is much smaller in these countries.

The O'Gneeve surname has changed into various spellings throughout the years. It is sometimes evoked as 'Guinness', 'Gneeve', 'Gneeves' and 'McGown'.

Variations of the surname O'Gneeve

The surname O'Gneeve is derived from the Irish surname O Gnimh. The spelling of this name can vary, with the use of an apostrophe being optional. Common variants of the name include Gneeve, Gnyeve, Kneeve, and Knyeve. Although the apostrophe has been removed in these versions, the prefix O originally signified descent from a particular ancestor.

Surnames that are closely related to O'Gneeve include Gnimh, MacNimh, McNimh, O'Nimh, Gneeves, Kneeves, Gnyeves, Knyeves, Gneevis, Kneevis, Gnyevis, and Knyevis. Note that these derived surnames are formed by the addition of an ‘s’, ‘v’, and/or ‘v’, in some cases.

The origin of this surname is uncertain, but some sources suggest that it derives from the Irish elements gnim (‘force’) or gnimh (‘impetus’). Alternatively, it could refer to a place near a tiebeam, beam or rib, or it could be anform of the surname Neill (the Irish form of Neil).

In some cases, O'Gneeve may also be a variant of Gneeves, a surname of Scottish origin. This spelling of the name may have originated with Scottish immigrants who arrived in Ireland with the name Gneeves. It is thought to have been among the settlers of the Plantation of Ulster in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In conclusion, the various spellings and related surnames of O'Gneeve are all linked to the same origin - the Irish surname O Gnimh. Although the surname may have a number of different spellings and related surnames, the use of the prefix O is consistent and indicates a descent from a particular ancestor.

Famous people with the name O'Gneeve

  • Lee O'Gneeve, American film and television actor
  • Danny O'Gneeve, Irish singer
  • Seamus O'Gneeve, Irish playwright
  • Colm O'Gneeve, Irish singer and songwriter
  • Murray O'Gneeve, Welsh actor and singer
  • Thom O'Gneeve, American actor and producer
  • Eugene O'Gneeve, Irish actor and producer
  • Hughie O'Gneeve, Australian entrepreneur
  • Sinead O'Gneeve, Irish athlete
  • Paddy O'Gneeve, Irish comedian
  • Tuagh O'Gneeve, Irish sculptor
  • Stephen O'Gneeve, Irish painter
  • Rory O'Gneeve, Irish public figure
  • Siobhan O'Gneeve, Irish poet
  • Eamon O'Gneeve, Irish journalist
  • Tom O'Gneeve, Irish football player
  • Lorcan O'Gneeve, Irish publicist
  • Declan O'Gneeve, Irish journalist
  • Seanna O'Gneeve, Irish actor
  • Lorraine O'Gneeve, Irish executive producer

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