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Surname O'Gormooly - Meaning and Origin

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O'Gormooly: What does the surname O'Gormooly mean?

The last name O’Gormooly originates from Ireland and is derived from the old Gaelic phrase “Ó Gadhmaill”. This phrase roughly translates to the “son of the sickly one”. It is a patronymic surname, meaning it is passed down from the original bearer’s father.

The original bearer of the surname may have come from a family with a history of poor health, or the name could be symbolic of a family that suffered hardship or a physical disability due to a serious illness. It is thought that this surname is most closely associated with County Galway, though it is quite widespread throughout Ireland.

In modern days, the surname O’Gormooly is still used in Ireland, though there are many variations of the spelling such as O’Gormley, O’Gorman and O’Gormanly. It is also generally known among the Irish diaspora communities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

So if you are of Irish descent and carry the O'Gormooly name, you can look to your past and see the strength of those who have come before you and be proud of the legacy of your ancestors.

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O'Gormooly: Where does the name O'Gormooly come from?

The last name O'Gormooly is found mainly in three countries: Ireland, the United States, and Canada. The name is very common in Ireland and can be found in many areas of the island. The majority of O'Gormoolys can be found in a few Irish counties, such as Tipperary, Mayo, Cork, and Galway. In the United States, the last name O'Gormooly is most commonly found in the states of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Connecticut, but there are also pockets of O'Gormoolys scattered all over the United States. Similarly, in Canada the name is mainly found in Ontario and Quebec, although smaller numbers are present in other provinces and territories.

The surname O'Gormooly is likely to be of Irish origin, with "O" meaning "descendant of" and "Gormooly" being an Irish nickname for someone who is loving or kind. The earliest known record of the name O'Gormooly is in 1536 in Ireland, making it a fairly old and established name that has stood the test of time.

If you're looking to connect with other O'Gormooly families, a good place to start is the genealogy website "" You can search for records of families with the name O'Gormooly and look for people who reside in your area. This website also offers opportunities to connect with distant O'Gormooly cousins, who may have family stories or other records of genealogical interest.

Variations of the surname O'Gormooly

O'Gormooly is an Irish surname of Gaelic origin. It originated as either Ó Gormghaile, meaning "descendant of Gormghaile", or Ó Gormghailla, meaning "descendant of Gormghailla".

Variants of the O'Gormooly surname include Ó Gormghaile, Gormley, Gormally, Gormlie, Gormly, and Gormlahy.

The variants of Gormley include Gormally, Gormlie, and Magesley.

The variants of Gormally include Gormly and Grohly.

The variants of Gormlie include Gormly and Gormlahy.

The variants of Gormly include Gormally, Gormlie, and Gormlahy.

The variants of Gormlahy include Gormly and Gormlie.

The surnames of the same origin for O'Gormooly are all derived from the Gaelic word for "servant of"–gormghaile, gormghailla, or gormghaile. These are all related names and may appear as different spellings depending on the family's region, dialect, or history.

The O'Gormooly surname can be found in many countries throughout the world, including Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a common surname in all parts of the world and it is not uncommon to find variants of this name in other countries.

No matter the variant or spelling of the O'Gormooly surname, the origin of the name remains the same, and its meaning remains the same. The common thread shared by all these variants is the "descendant from Gormghaile/Gormghailla" meaning.

Famous people with the name O'Gormooly

  • Martin O'Gormally: a noted English GAA Gaelic football manager and current Nutritionist for Donegal Senior team.
  • Michelle O'Gormally: Irish journalist, broadcaster and author.
  • Caitriona O'Gormally: Professional actress, author, producer and comedienne.
  • Liam O'Gormally: Former World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.
  • Kieran O'Gormally: Stand-Up comic and host of the Irish comedy show, The Fake News Show.
  • Deirdre O'Gormally: Political advocate, writer and campaigner for fair employment for the Irish diaspora.
  • Brian O'Gormally: Former manager of the Laois GAA Gaelic football team.
  • Donagh O'Gormally: Renowned air combat pilot in the Irish Air Corp.
  • Eamon O'Gormally: Award-winning Violinist with the prestigious National Concert Hall in Dublin.
  • Sean O'Gormally: Multi-platinum selling songwriter and one of Ireland's most successful musical exports.

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