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Surname O Loghan - Meaning and Origin

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O Loghan: What does the surname O Loghan mean?

The last name O Loghan is an ancient Irish surname which is derived from the Gaelic Ó Lócháin, meaning "descendant of Lóchán". The Gaelic word Lóchán refers to a dark-haired person. Lóchán was also the name of three distinct septs in ancient Ireland who were located in Meath, Ulster, and Connaught.

The O Loghan surname is most commonly found in County Leitrim, Connacht, which is located in the Northwest of Ireland. It is thought that the origins of the name can be traced to the 5th century when ancestors of the O Loghan arrived in Ireland from Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire.

Throughout the centuries, the O Loghan family have played an important role in Irish society. In the 16th century, for example, the O Loghan family helped protect County Leitrim from the invading English forces. Later in the 19th century, members of the family were among those prominent in the Land War.

Today, the O Loghan surname is still an important part of Irish culture. It is common to find individuals carrying the name in the areas of Donegal, Mayo, Sligo, and Roscommon. Many have emigrated to the United States and Canada, where the name is still found in Irish-American and Irish-Canadian communities.

The O Loghan surname is a proud reminder of Ireland’s rich history and culture. It is a testament to the strength and resilience of the Irish people, and of the importance of family in Irish culture.

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O Loghan: Where does the name O Loghan come from?

The last name O Loghan is a very unique name that is not necessarily common today. It is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic word “lochán”, meaning sprinkle or splash. This name may also be spelled O Lochain, U Lochan and U Lachain.

Most of the people bearing the O Loghan name can be traced to Ireland, where the name is associated with several historic clans. The O Loghans were also known for being great warriors, having fought in many battles and conflicts throughout the centuries. In addition to Ireland, the name can also be found in other countries in Europe and even across the Atlantic in the United States and Canada.

In the United States, O Loghan is a somewhat rare name today, appearing in small numbers in various states such as New York, New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts. The same is true in Canada, with the name appearing most prominently in Ontario and British Columbia.

In Scotland, the O Loghan name is even more rare, although there are some sightings around the city of Edinburgh. There are also some O Loghans in Australia, where they are believed to have come from Ireland in the 18th or 19th century.

In conclusion, the last name O Loghan is not very common today, although it can be found in small numbers in a few locations around the world, particularly Ireland, the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Australia.

Variations of the surname O Loghan

The O Loghan surname is derived from the Irish “lochann,” which means “warrior.” This surname has a variety of spellings and other surnames which may be classified as the same origin but related in some way.

The main variants of the Irish O Loghan surname are O'Loghan and Loghan/Laughan.

In the USA some people with this surname have simplified to Logan.

In Scotland variants include Laughton and Lawton.

In England variants of O’Loghan are Lowen and Lowell.

In Scotland variants of Lawrence with a “w” going at the end have been simplified to Louton.

In Canada variants include Logean, Loggan, Logen, Lorgen and Loughan.

In Ireland commonly found variants of the O Loghan surname are O'Logan, O'Loughan, O'Lhan and O'Lhaghain.

In Australia variants of the O Loghan surname can be found as Loggen, Loughan and Loughen.

There are numerous variations of the O Loghan surname in English-speaking countries, thus, further research is required to determine the origin of any given family with this surname. Ultimately, the surname O Loghan denotes an ancient Irish heritage and the adherence to an ancient warrior heritage that has been passed down through the generations.

Famous people with the name O Loghan

  • Daisy O Loghan: Canadian journalist and television personality.
  • Róisín O Loghan: Irish actor best known for her roles in The Cat Laughs Comedy Festival and Storysacks.
  • Julian O Loghan: Irish comedian known for his appearances on The Book Club and the Late Late Show.
  • Joseph O Loghan: Scottish actor best known for his role in the Netflix series Requiem.
  • Kevin O Loghan: Irish television director and producer, best known for his work on popular series such as Home and Away and Neighbours.
  • Cormac O Loghan: Irish political analyst and commentator.
  • Sinéad O Loghan: Irish singer-songwriter best known for her hit albums, Now I Know and This Too Shall Pass.
  • Sean O Loghan: Irish actor best known for his roles in the film John Q and the television series Mrs Brown's Boys.
  • Ryan O Loghan (aka Olly): British DJ and music producer, best known for his work on BBC's Radio One.
  • Breanda O Loghan: Irish writer and poet, best known for her collection of short stories, Will We Forget.

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