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Surname O'Neel - Meaning and Origin

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O'Neel: What does the surname O'Neel mean?

The last name O'Neel is of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic phrase “O’Niall,” which means “champion.” This was a nickname given to a member of the ancient Niall lineage, one of the most influential families in medieval Ireland. Through the centuries, the name has been Anglicized and adapted into various forms, including O’Neill, O’Neel, O’Neil, and others.

The Niall family was very powerful and played a major role in Irish history. High kings were elected from their ranks, and many members served as chieftains throughout the country. They placed a high importance on battlefield distinction and loyalty, earning them a reputation as fierce yet fair rulers.

The last name O’Neel is associated with honor and valor, making it a source of immense pride to those who bear it. Today, the name remains very common in both Ireland and Scotland, representing the enduring influence of the Niall dynasty. Those who carry the name of O’Neel embody the same sense of honor and respect as their ancestors, living up to the Niall’s legacy of bravery.

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O'Neel: Where does the name O'Neel come from?

The last name O'Neel is most commonly found in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. According to the 2020 US Census, there were approximately 1,800 people with this last name, primarily located in the Midwestern states with the highest concentration being in Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The earliest known use of the name was when Andrew O’Neill, from Belfast, Ireland, settled in the US in 1841. This was followed by more Irish immigrants coming to the US, and the name soon spread to Canada, where it is still relatively common.

The most significant regional occurrence of the surname O'Neel is in the American Midwest, with it appearing in most states throughout the region. Some of the Midwest states where the surname occurs more often include Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio. This pattern might be due to the influence of German and English settlers from the 19th century who brought their Irish surnames with them.

The O'Neel name is sometimes spelled as O'Neill, which can be confusing. For example, in Ohio, there are distinct clusters of O’Neel and O’Neill. In Pennsylvania, the two spellings might even be found in the same family.

It appears the O'Neel surname originated in Northern Ireland and gained popularity among Irish settlers in the US and Canada. Today it can be found mainly in the Midwest, but also in other parts of the US and Canada.

Variations of the surname O'Neel

The surname O'Neel is an Irish surname that is also found in the United States. It originated in either County Wexford, County Clare or Ulster, and is mainly found in those three areas today.

Variants of the surname O'Neel include O'Neil, Neill, Neil, Neile, Neal and Nealley. O'Neil is the most common spelling, while Neill and Neil are used less frequently. Neal and Nealley, on the other hand, are rarely found.

Other common variants of O'Neel are MacNeal and MacNeill, both of which are Irish names. MacNeill is a very old Irish name, which means “son of Niall.” Both variants represent a family clan who sought refuge in Scotland after being driven out of Ireland by the English.

The O'Neel name can also be found in different spellings in other European countries. In French, for example, it is written as O’Naille, and in German as O’Nehle.

Surnames of the same origin as O'Neel include Flanagan, Neylon, O'Nealy, O'Sullivan, Lynch, Ryan, and Hayes.

In conclusion, the surname O'Neel is an Irish name found mainly in County Wexford, County Clare and Ulster. It has many variants and spellings, including O'Neil, Neill, Neil, Neile, Neal and Nealley. It is also related to other Irish names such as MacNeal and MacNeill, as well as other surnames such as Flanagan, Neylon, O'Nealy, O'Sullivan, Lynch, Ryan, and Hayes.

Famous people with the name O'Neel

  • Shaun O'Neel: an American musician based out of Madison, Wisconsin who specializes in Christian rap and hip-hop music.
  • Dave O'Neel: an American stand-up comedian from California.
  • Kenneth O'Neel: an American lawyer from North Carolina who specializes in labor and employment law.
  • Maurice O'Neel: American organist and keyboardist who worked on several scores for major films.
  • Robert O'Neel: an American actor best known for his roles in the soap operas General Hospital and Days of Our Lives.
  • T. J. O'Neel: an American professional mixed martial artist and former collegiate wrestler.
  • Alastair O'Neel: an Irish actor of television, stage, and films.
  • Andrew O'Neel: an American basketball coach who has coached several teams at various universities.
  • Shane O'Neel: an American football coach who has held assistant coaching positions with multiple college and NFL teams.
  • William O'Neel: an American painter from New Hampshire specializing in landscape portraits.

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