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Surname O'Neny - Meaning and Origin

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O'Neny: What does the surname O'Neny mean?

The last name O'Neny is an anglicized version of the Irish surname Ó Néamhna and is of Gaelic origin. The Ó Néamhna Gaelic byname means “descendant of Nano”. Additionally, the prefix "Ó" (also spelled "O" or "O'" in English) signifies an ancestor, a relative or a forefather.

The origin of the ancestral names O'Neny dates back to the medieval clan system when the geographical area of Ireland was divided up among some of the successive conquering powers. During the 10th century, earliest Irish families such as the O'Neys, who were descendants of an ancestor (Nano) were documented. During this period many of the Irish families who are now know by the O'Neny name were living upon lands in present-day County Kilkenny, where they held a family seat at Nenagh, an ancient settlement.

Since the 18th century, families with the O'Neny name have been established in Ireland. The O’Neys were engaged in military services and some of them settled in Spanish territories during this time. Later on, they traveled from Spain and Portugal to South American countries. From there, their descendants moved to the United States, Canada and the rest of the world.

In modern times, the surname is still mainly associated with Ireland. Stemming from a rich culture and a Gaelic-speaking population, the O’Neny surname serves as a link to the old world.

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O'Neny: Where does the name O'Neny come from?

The last name O'Neny is most commonly found today in areas of Ireland, particularly in the counties of Dublin, Cork, Monaghan and Kerry. It is sometimes found spelt as O'Neeny or O'Neney, with little difference in pronunciation.

The O’Neny family originated in County Dublin, making it one of the oldest families to have settled in the area. In the 9th century, the family were part of the Ui Neill dynasty and travelled to the area around Liffey. It is easy to see why the area has a strong affinity with the family name.

At the time of the Plantations of Ulster, in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the family moved from the east to the west of Ireland. In particular, they moved to the counties of Monaghan, Cork and Kerry. Today, the family name is strong in these areas.

It is worth noting that the O’Neny name is also common in Scotland, particularly in the Borders and in Aberdeenshire. This is due to a large migration of Scottish O’Neny families to these areas.

In conclusion, the last name O’Neny is most commonly found today in areas of Ireland and Scotland. More specifically, it is most frequently spotted in counties of Dublin, Cork, Monaghan, Kerry and the Borders and Aberdeenshire in Scotland, showing the strong ties between the two countries.

Variations of the surname O'Neny

The O'Neny surname is an Irish surname of Gaelic origin. It is one of a group of related surnames that share the same root of the Gaelic language. The most common variants of this surname are O'Nenney, O'Neney, O'Ninni, O'Ninny, and O'Nenny.

The O'Nenny surname is of great antiquity in Ireland, originating in County Fermanagh, being found in that county from at least as far back as the 13th and 14th centuries. The many variants of the O'Nenny surname that exist today are derived from early phonetic spelling and other similar terms used by the native Irish people at the time.

Variations of the O'Nenny surname include NENIGAN, NEENEY, NEENNY, NINING, NENNY, NENIGAN, NEENAN, and NEHENNY. Other similar sounding surnames include O'Nule, O'Nenie, O'Niner, O'Ninni, and O'Ninny.

The O'Neny surname is found today mainly in Ireland and the United States of America. In Ireland, the old names and variants are still found in the province of Ulster, particularly in Counties Fermanagh and Cavan. In the US, Nennys can be found in every state, with the majority settled in Massachusetts, New York and California.

It is possible that some may have changed their names to appear more "Americanized" or of a particular religion. Variations such as NININ, NENNY, NINNY, NEENAN, and NENEI are amongst some of the most commonly adopted. There are also variants of this surname found around Scotland, especially in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Famous people with the name O'Neny

  • Drew O'Neny, American dancer
  • Donny O'Neny, professional figure skater
  • Garrett O'Neny, former MLB player
  • Tessa O'Neny, singer and songwriter
  • Kellan O'Neny, multi-media journalist
  • Dominic O'Neny, actor and producer
  • Katelyn O'Neny, actress and model
  • Edward O'Neny, painter
  • Jason O'Neny, professional photographer
  • Matthew O'Neny, political philosopher

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