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Surname O'Nolan - Meaning and Origin

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O'Nolan: What does the surname O'Nolan mean?

The last name O’Nolan has a rich history rooted in Irish culture. This surname is derived from the personal name Nuallain, which is an old Irish name meaning “noble”. The O’Nolan’s are among the most historic and renowned families in Ireland, with their presence stretching back to ancient folklore as far back as the 10th century. Historically, O’Nolan amongst the most prominent clans in Ireland, possessing power and prestige due to their connection to royalty.

Throughout the centuries, the O’Nolan family has spread from its Irish origins and can now be found in many countries around the world. In present day, the O’Nolan surname is increasingly popular in parts of the United States, Trinity, and many other places. Today, O’Nolan is a symbol of integrity, strength, and resilience—qualities that its ancestral family members have upheld for centuries.

Although the last name O’Nolan is not exclusive to Ireland, its roots remain an important part of the country’s revered history. The traditions and stories behind this storied name will live on for generations to come, giving those with the O’Nolan name a sense of pride and purpose.

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O'Nolan: Where does the name O'Nolan come from?

The last name O'Nolan is most commonly found in Ireland, as well as in countries with larger Irish diaspora populations, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. According to the Irish census, the name O'Nolan was found in significant numbers in the Irish provinces of Leinster, Ulster, Connacht, and Munster.

In the United States, the O'Nolan surname has grown steadily since the early 20th century when a surge of Irish immigrants came to the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2017 the number of individuals with the surname O'Nolan was 7,163—60.18 percent of whom were located in the Northeast Census region.

In the United Kingdom, where the Irish diaspora originated, the O'Nolan name is still prevalent today, accounting for 0.32 percent of the population in 2017.

The O'Nolan surname also features prominently in the Canadian population, although it appears to be declining over time. According to Canada Census data, the name had experienced a slight decline of 4.18 percent during the period of 2006-2015.

In conclusion, the last name O'Nolan is still quite common today and can be found in areas with a large Irish population, such as Ireland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

Variations of the surname O'Nolan

The surname O'Nolan originates from the ancient Irish name O'Nuallain, which translates to "grandson of Nuallain". Nuallain is an Irish personal name meaning "Strong fighter".

Variants of the surname O’Nolan include: Nolen, Noonan, Nolane, Nolton, Noalen, Nolan, and Noallen.

In some Irish families, the spelling of the surname may have been altered due to the influence of English and Scottish settlers. Some of the variations that developed include: Nolin, Nealon, Neilen, Neilan, Neilon, and Nielen. Additionally, the original Irish spelling of the name, O'Nuallain, has sometimes been anglicized as O'Noellan, O'Noallan, and O'Nallan.

In America, O'Nolan is often spelled as Nolen, and this surname is particularly common in the Midwestern states such as Iowa, Indiana, and Missouri. In the United Kingdom, the alternate spellings Nugent or Neugent can also be found for this surname.

The O'Nolan family can trace its roots back to the O'Nuallain dynasty, who were powerful chieftains in Umhall, a barony in Loch Ainee, County Dublin, Ireland. The O'Nuallain dynasty was believed to have had its origin in a man named Nuallain, a great descendant of Fergus, a High King of Ulster.

Famous people with the name O'Nolan

  • Brian O'Nolan, also known by his pen-name Flann O'Brien, an Irish novelist, satirist, essayist, and critic.
  • Enda O'Nolan, an Irish journalist, broadcaster, and political activist.
  • Francis Xavier O'Nolan, an Irish Catholic priest, broadcaster, author, and poet who wrote under the pen name of Michael Doheny.
  • F. S. L. O'Nolan, an Irish playwright and poet from County Offaly.
  • John O'Nolan, an Irish entrepreneur, entrepreneur, and technology industry executive, best known for creating Ghost and WPI.
  • Matthew O'Nolan, a former American football player who played in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Tom O'Nolan, a former Australian rules footballer who played in the AFL for the North Melbourne Football Club.
  • William O'Nolan, a former Australian Rugby Union representative player.
  • Tommy O’Nolan, An Irish fiddler who performed frequently with other traditional Irish musicians.
  • Harry O’Nolan, an Irish sculptor who was best known for his popular bronze sculptures.

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