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Surname O'Quein - Meaning and Origin

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O'Quein: What does the surname O'Quein mean?

The name O'Quein is an ancient Irish name that dates back to the days of the Irish Gaelic language in ancient Ireland. A patronymic surname, the name O'Quein derives its origin from the Gaelic "O Caoin" which roughly translates to “descended from Caoin".

This surname is of ancient lineage, and was used to distinguish family lines and tribal groupings. It is a derivation of two distinct old Gaelic names—Caoin, a male given name that places emphasis on the concept of pure beauty, and Mac Caoin, an ancient Irish tribal surname.

The O'Quein name is most commonly found in the Irish region of Ulster . Being found there, it is one of many names that has strong ties to Irish history and culture. It is interesting to note that the O'Quein family line has a noble heritage, and today it is not unusual to find family members with holdings in their ancestral home.

As a whole, the O'Quein family has always been proud of its ancestry and Irish heritage. This is a great name to have as it brings with it a sense of nobility and pride. It is a powerful symbol of the family's powerful and constantly remembered heritage - a reminder of where the family originated and the struggles they faced and overcame.

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O'Quein: Where does the name O'Quein come from?

The O’Quein surname is most commonly associated with France today, but is believed to have originated in Ireland. O’Quein is an Anglicisation of the Irish surname Ó Caoimhín, meaning 'descendant of Caoimhín', Caoimhín being a forename meaning 'handsome one' or 'kind, gentle one'.

The surname is an uncommon one today, but there is still a presence of it in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, where many of their recent genealogical records content a family lineage that is traceable back to the 16th century. However, it has also been suggested that the O’Quein family were originally descended from the Everyones, an ancient sept in the mountains of Slieve Gullion, County Armagh in Northern Ireland.

In mainland Europe, the surname is primarily located in France, with an especially large concentration of O’Quein families in certain regions such as Alsace and Lorraine. During the Gallic Wars in 58 BC Julius Caesar noted a rebel army in this region, led by a man known as the War Leader Boxvinus. His name is similar in phonetics to 'O’Quein' and some believe that the O’Quein surname originated with that man's descendants.

In the United States, the surname is a rare one, though it can still be found in regions of what was once known as New France, such as Louisiana, New York and Maine. All in all, it is a name that is fading with time, as so few families still retain possession of it. Most O’Quein families all over the world today are unconnected to each other, though many trace their origins back to the same Celtic roots.

Variations of the surname O'Quein

The O'Quein surname is derived from the Irish surname Ó Caoinn, which is also spelled as O'Coyne, Quinn, Coen, and Coin.

The Irish name translates to "descendant of Caoin/Conan, a personal name meaning ‘wolf cub’". It is regarded as a variant of the MacQueens of Ulster.

O'Quein can also be found spelled with an apostrophe as O'Quin in both Ireland and the United States.

In Scotland, the surname is spelled Quein and Quin.

In the USA, alternative spellings of O’Quin/O’Quinn include Quinn, Quaune, Quain, Quaine, Quaing, and Quigg.

Other variations of the surname include O’Kwain, Kwain, Quain, and Kwane.

Some of the variations that the surname has taken on in the US include O'Coan, O'Cone, O'Coon, and O'Coone.

In England, the most common variation of the surname is Quinn, while in Germany, variations include Koen and Coen.

Some of the German variants can also be found with an "er" ending, such as Koenen, Koenner, and Koenninger.

Finally, in some cases, the O’Quein surname has been Anglicized to King.

No matter the variation, all of the surnames are supposedly derived from the same Gaelic root and can be linked to the Irish clan of O'Quein.

Famous people with the name O'Quein

  • Lolo O'Quin: American pop and rock singer
  • Yazz O'Quin: American artist and sculptor
  • Jada O'Quin: American businesswoman and CEO
  • Mya O'Quin: American actress and comedian
  • Willie O'Quin: American football running back
  • Donnie O'Quin: former professional American football player
  • Doug O'Quin: former professional American football player
  • Mac O'Quin: former powerlifter and actor
  • Dona O'Quin: American MAG builder and livestock judge
  • Brooke O'Quin: Irish-American singer-songwriter and producer

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