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Surname O'Regan - Meaning and Origin

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O'Regan: What does the surname O'Regan mean?

The last name O'Regan is an Irish surname from the Gaelic Ó Riagáin, which is composed of two elements – “O” meaning “grandson of” and “Riagán”, a personal name of uncertain origin. It may be derived from the Irish riag meaning “king”, in which case the name means “grandson of a king”. Alternatively, it may be derived from the Irish raigin meaning “poet”, in which case the name would mean “grandson of a poet”.

In pre-modern Ireland, the O’Regans were a prominent family who were chief of their name and territory in what is now County Clare, located in the West of Ireland. By the 17th century, they had become one of the few families to maintain their chiefdom status despite centuries of conflict and invasions. The O’Regans were traditionally lords of Burren and the most prominent branch of the family produced numerous bishops, scholars, and Gaelic poets.

In modern times, the name O’Regan is still quite common in Ireland and is also found in other countries with Irish emigrants. People with the last name O’Regan typically pronounce it "O'Ree-gən", although a few also pronounce it "O'Ray-gan". O’Regan remains an important Co. Clare surname and is still a proud part of many Irish families' heritage.

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O'Regan: Where does the name O'Regan come from?

The last name O'Regan is most commonly found today in Ireland and other areas where there has been a long history of Irish settlement. The name is derived from the Old Irish name O’Riagáin which means ‘descendant of Riagán’. In Ireland, O’Regan is one of the ten most common surnames.

In the United States, the O’Regan name is present in every state, but is most common in the Midwest and New England areas. The highest concentrations can be found in the states of Massachusetts, Vermont, and New York. It is also likely to be found among the Irish diaspora in countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Interestingly, the O’Regan name can also be found in literature by famous Irish writers. James Joyce’s Ulysses contains a character called Mr O’Regan, and William Butler Yeats’s works feature characters with the same last name.

So, while the last name O’Regan is quite common today, its influence continues to be seen in many countries around the world. It is a testament to the impact of Irish society on global culture and will likely continue to be an important part of many countries’ heritage for centuries to come.

Variations of the surname O'Regan

The surname O'Regan is derived from the Irish patronymic Ó Riagáin. It is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname, which combines the elements “O”, meaning “grandson” or “descendant”, and Riagán, an ancient Irish personal name derived from the element “rí”, meaning “king”.

The most common variants of the surname O'Regan include Regan, Reagan, Reagin, Regane, Reagon, Reganne, O'Regan, Regin, Regann, Regano, O'Reagin, O'Regane, O'Reganne, O'Reagon, O'Regann, O'Regano, Regen, Regain, Regana, Reganio, Regann, and Regany.

Other spellings or transliterations of the surname include Uragan, Uragán, Uragane, Uraganne, Uragall, O'Uragan, O'Uragán, O'Uragane, O'Uraganne, O'Uragall, O'Riagain, O'Riagáin, O Riagain, O Riagáin and Uragall.

Sometimes the surname can be found spelled as O'Regen or Oregen. Other variants of the name include O’Ragan, Oragan, O'Ragain, Riagain and Oragain.

The surname is also found in various other languages, including Reagann and Regann in French, Regann in Spanish and Regann in Italian. In Dutch and German, the spelling is Reagen or Regan.

Famous people with the name O'Regan

  • John O’Regan, the lead singer and guitarist for Canadian indie rock band ‘The Dandy Warhols’.
  • Michael J. O’Regan, the former Chief Clerk of the Canadian House of Commons.
  • Mary O’Regan, the Irish author of the 2014 novel ‘Mabel’.
  • Angela O’Regan, the Irish television producer and presenter.
  • Greg O’Regan, the American professional wrestler.
  • Pádraig O’Regan, the Irish hurling manager.
  • Vincent O’Regan, the Australian actor and musician.
  • Aisling O’Regan, the Irish stage actress.
  • Paula O’Regan, the Irish actress, playwright and director.
  • Seán O’Regan, the Irish politician and Fine Gael party Senator.

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