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Surname O'Ruddy - Meaning and Origin

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O'Ruddy: What does the surname O'Ruddy mean?

The last name O'Ruddy is of Irish origin and its meaning is derived from the surname of the ancient Gaelic O Ruaidh. O Ruaidh is an ancient and now obsolete form of the Gaelic surname Ó Rodaighe, and is derived from the Gaelic word Ruadh, meaning “red” or “of rust color”.

The O’Ruddy family is further linked to the Gaelic sub-clan of the O’Ruairc, coming from the county of Cavan and the Connacht Province. It is a very ancient family whose traditional homeland was within the province of Ulster, and its surname can be translated to mean “descendent of Ruaidh”.

Aside from being related to the prominent O’Ruairc family, the O’Ruddy clan is known for its involvement with the famous 16th-century Irish resistance against English rule in the form of the ‘Gaelic League’, which encouraged the restoration of the ancient Irish language, literature and culture.

The proud and ancient O’Ruddy clan have an illustrious history, and bear the surname of an old and honorable family that has shared in the struggles and achievements of Irish history. Today, it is a reminder of Ireland’s past and of its proud citizens who chose to bravely rebel against oppressive British rule and protect the land, language, and culture that made them who they are.

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O'Ruddy: Where does the name O'Ruddy come from?

The surname O'Ruddy is most commonly found today in counties across Ireland. It is especially common in County Mayo, County Galway, and County Limerick. O'Ruddy is an Irish surname that is derived from the surname Rudach. The original form of the name was Ó Robartaigh, which translates as “descendant of Robartaigh”. The meaning of the prefix “O” in this case is “grandson of”.

The O'Ruddy surname is of Gaelic and pre-Gaelic origin. It is most likely derived from the Gaelic personal name Rodaighe, meaning “illustrious”. The surname is also associated with the once powerful hereditary chiefs of Ui Robartaighe, an ancient Irish territory. This clan ruled over the Baronies of Tirawley and Gallen in the 13th century.

Today, the O'Ruddy surname is still fairly common in Ireland, with many people bearing the name located throughout the country. In addition, there are numerous individuals with the surname living in diaspora nations, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

Variations of the surname O'Ruddy

The surname O'Ruddy is an extremely common Irish surname which has a few variants, spellings, and other surnames which all originate from the same root.

The most common spelling of O'Ruddy is O'Ruddy, but other spellings include O'Rudy, O'Roody, and O'Rudde. This surname is also sometimes spelled in different ways based on the region from which it is derived, with Roody and Rudde being more common in some parts of the country.

Other surnames derived from the same root as O'Ruddy include Ruddy, Rudy, Rudd, Rudder and Ruddell. Ruddy, Rudy, and Rudd are all alternate spellings of O'Ruddy and Rudder and Ruddell are variants of the same root. Ruddy is also a popular name which is a shortened form of the O'Ruddy surname.

Since O'Ruddy is an Irish surname, it is also related to some Scottish and English surnames, such as Ruddock and Reddy. Ruddock and Reddy are both Anglicised versions of O'Ruddy which have been adapted to the local dialect.

All variations of the surname O'Ruddy are derived from the same root, and are all related to one another, even if they are spelt differently. The spelling of O'Ruddy varies depending on which part of Ireland the name originates from, as does its related names, making it a truly unique and varied surname.

Famous people with the name O'Ruddy

  • Richard O'Ruddy: Pro Golfer
  • Donal O'Ruddy: Award-Winning Irish Jazz Musician
  • Sean O'Ruddy: Former Liverpool and Aston Villa Football Manager
  • Steve O'Ruddy: Co-Director of the Academy Award-Winning Movie The Departed
  • Robert O'Ruddy: British Army Officer
  • Brendan O'Ruddy: Guinness World Record Holder for Most Skips on a Jump Rope in One Minute
  • Maureen O'Ruddy: Acclaimed Irish Actress
  • Conor O'Ruddy: Grammy-Nominated Recording Artist
  • John O'Ruddy: Former Professional Football Player
  • Terence O'Ruddy: Acclaimed Chef and Restaurateur

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