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Surname Obentheuer - Meaning and Origin

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Obentheuer: What does the surname Obentheuer mean?

The last name Obentheuer is derived from two different German words: “oben” and “theuer”. The former means “above” and the latter is “dear” or “valuable”. Thus, the name can be understood as “something valuable above.”

It is believed that the original bearer of this surname was someone who held a high position of authority in the family or who was greatly esteemed. For instance, it could have been used as a sign of respect for a judge, politician or scholar in a town or village. In a more modern context, the surname may refer to someone whose work or accomplishments are considered precious.

The Obentheuer surname is most commonly found in Germany today, as well as in some parts of Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking countries. It is typically spelled in a variety of ways, such as Abentheuer, Opentheuer, and Upentheuer.

Overall, the last name Obentheuer can be seen as a sign of esteem or value, likely to have been given to someone with a respected position in the family or within the community in the past.

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Obentheuer: Where does the name Obentheuer come from?

The surname Obentheuer is a relatively uncommon name. It is believed to be of German origin and is most likely derived from the Old High German words "Obe" and "Teut", meaning "bringer of the people". The surname could also possibly be a toponymic name, referring to a geographical area or a specific settlement.

Today, the surname Obentheuer is most commonly found in Germany and Austria. In Germany, the surname is concentrated mainly in the southern German region of Bavaria, with a few other instances in nearby regions. In Austria, it is found mainly in the Tyrol and Vorarlberg regions.

The name is also present in the United States of America, with a focus on the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Jersey. There are also some instances in other countries around the world, includingAustralia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Canada.

The surname Obentheuer is most likely of German origin, and is not an especially common name today. However, it is still seen in certain geographical areas mainly in Germany, Austria and the United States of America, as well as other countries such as Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Obentheuer

The surname Obentheuer has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The variations are pronounced very similarly, though they may look different on paper.

The most common variant is Obentheuer. It is derived from the German language, and is a combination of the words “Oben” (upper), “Theuer” (expensive), and “Hauer” (field worker). The combination of these three components literally means “the field worker of the upper expensive field.” Other common variants of the name include Obenheuer, Obenthauer, Obenthauser, Oppenthauser, and Oppenheuer. All of these spellings originate from the same root.

Less common variants include Oppenthawer, Oppenthower, Oppentholer, Oppenthor, Opantower, Oppethawer, and Openthor. These spellings are rarer but still exist as variants of the same root.

In terms of surnames of the same origin, some alternate spellings come from the same root. These include Oppewald, Oppendorf, Obenhausen, Oppenheimer, and O pandora.

Variants of this surname, either spelling or other surnames of the same root, are not extremely common. However, the surname Obentheuer does appear in records from many parts of Europe, including Austria, Germany, and the United States.

Famous people with the name Obentheuer

  • Andreas Oberthuer: Actor and German television personality.
  • Philipp Oberthuer: Actor.
  • Christine Oberthuer: Actor.
  • Hannah Oberthuer: Actress and voice artist.
  • Paul Oberthuer: Jazz saxophonist and alto saxophonist.
  • Ricci Oberthuer: Cento-language translator.
  • Edward Oberthuer: Cinematographer.
  • Ellinor Oberthuer: Austrian mezzo-soprano opera singer.
  • Sven Oberthuer: German photographer.
  • Brian Oberthuer: Jazz clarinetist.
  • Wolf Oberthuer: Film director, editor and cinematographer.
  • Peter Oberthuer: Austrian television presenter.
  • Odilia Oberthuer: Painter and sculptor.
  • Renate Oberthuer: German artist.
  • Wilfried Oberthuer: Austrian economist.
  • Christian Oberthuer: German swimmer.
  • Stephen Oberthuer: Paul Mitchell Educator and singer.
  • Grey Oberthuer: American actor and musician.
  • David Oberthuer: Executive Producer.
  • Gabriela Oberthuer: Pianist.

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