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Surname OConnell - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling My O'Connell Ancestry: A DNA Journey Through Cultural and Historical Significance

My iGENEA DNA test has brought about a transformative exploration into the cultural and historical significance of my surname, O'Connell. From its roots in Gaelic etymology to its Irish origins, and through the notable figures who held the name, the journey has enhanced a strong sense of identity, reiterating an ancestral narrative of bravery intertwined with societal influence.

G. OConnell

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OConnell: What does the surname OConnell mean?

The last name O'Connell is a patronymic Irish surname, from the Gaelic “Ó Conaill”. The name is derived from the former kingdom of Cónall, which was located in what is now County Derry, Northern Ireland. The meaning of the name is believed to be “descendant of Conall”, where Conall is derived from the Gaelic ‘con,’ meaning ‘hound’ or ‘wolf.’ It is thought that the name was first adopted by the descendants of the leader of the Cónall clan, but some scholars suggest that the name was created by bards as an honorary title for an important figure, and eventually passed down to that leader’s descendants.

O’Connells can be found all over the world, mainly descended from Irish immigrants who left the country in the 19th century. The surname became particularly popular among members of the Catholic Clergy, with notable examples including Father Patrick O’Connell, the Father of Modern Irish Football. O’Connells have also made significant contributions to Irish culture – the O’Connell Heritage Centre in Dublin celebrates the life of Daniel O’Connell, an important political figure in the 19th century who fought for Catholic Emancipation.

The O’Connells have also left a significant mark on history: The Great Famine of the mid-1800s saw millions of Irish people emigrate all over the world, with many of them bearing the name O’Connell. This diaspora of O’Connells has since spread the reach of the name and its legacy, from the fields of Australia to the cities of the United States. The name O’Connell carries with it a proud heritage of resilience, courage, and passion – a legacy that any family member would be proud to be a part of.

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OConnell: Where does the name OConnell come from?

OConnell is a surname of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic personal name Conall, meaning 'strong as a wolf', and it was formerly found mainly in counties Kerry, Limerick, Cork, and Clare in Ireland. Today, it is a fairly common Irish surname, found throughout Ireland. It is also commonly found in Australia and North America, where many Irish immigrants settled in the 19th century.

In the United States, OConnell is currently the 619th most common surname according to the last US census data. It is commonly found in the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and California. Within the UK, it ranks 952nd with the greatest concentration located in England.

In Australia, it is the 224th most common surname, particularly in the states of New South Wales and Queensland. It is also fairly common in Canada, with the greatest numbers remaining near the Maritime Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Overall, due to the Irish diaspora, the surname OConnell is fairly widely dispersed around the world today, particularly in English-speaking countries.

Variations of the surname OConnell

The surname O'Connell is one of the most common Irish surnames. It is derived from the Irish language phrase 'O Conaill', which literally translates to 'descendant of Conall', which is a Gaelic given name meaning 'strong-willed'. O'Connell is pronounced "oh-CON-ell" in Irish Gaelic, and "oh-KAH-nel" in English.

Variations of O'Connell include O Connell, Oconnell, Connall, Connell, Connel, and Conall. Variants of the name in other languages include O'Konall, O'Konnel, and Ó Conaill. It is possible to come across the spelling variations O'Connel, Connaill, Connill, Conel, Konell, and Kornel.

Surnames of the same origin include O'Connolly, Conally, Connally, Conneally, O Conner, Connar, Coner, and Connerly. It is possible to come across spelling variants such as O'Conner, Connarow, Connyer, Connors, O'Connerly, Konerly, Konally, and Konerly.

In Anglicised versions of the surname, O'Connell can be spelled as O'Connell, Connell, Condell, Condle, Condell, O'Condell, Conley, Kondel, O'Kandel, Kondle, and Condly. Similarly, widespread Anglicised variations include Kondel, Kondell, Condol, Condill, and Condly.

Famous people with the name OConnell

  • Jerry O'Connell: American actor, producer, and comedian best known for his roles in films like Stand by Me, Joe’s Apartment, and Sliders.
  • Hugh O'Connell: Irish Fianna Fáil politician who served as a Teachta Dála for the constituency of Carlow–Kilkenny from 1997 to 2020.
  • Christopher O'Connell: American actor known for his roles in Beverly Hills, 90210, Secrets and Lies, and 2 Broke Girls.
  • Barry O'Connell: American political activist and professor emeritus of linguistics at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.
  • Patrick O'Connell: Irish professional soccer player who is currently the manager of Burton Albion F.C. and was a former manager of Manchester United.
  • k.d. lang: Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, and occasional actress known by her birth name, Kathryn Dawn Lang.
  • Ally O'Connell: British soap opera actress who is best known for her roles in Emmerdale and Coronation Street.
  • Jill O'Connell: American actress best known for her roles in films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Right Stuff, as well as television shows like The Hitchhiker and Knots Landing.
  • Denis O'Connell: Irish barrister and former president of the Irish Court of Appeal.

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