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Surname Ohmart - Meaning and Origin

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Ohmart: What does the surname Ohmart mean?

The last name Ohmart is of German origin but its exact meaning is not clear. It is likely derived from a geographic location, occupation, or a nickname from medieval times, as seen with many European surnames. Based on variations seen in German surnames, "Ohm" could refer to "home" or "homeland," while "art" could refer to the "kind" or "type." Thus, the name could translate to "kind of homeland" or refer to someone from a certain area. However, without specific historical and familial context, it's hard to determine an absolute meaning. Like many surnames, meanings evolve over centuries, influenced by linguistic shifts, regional dialects, and cultural changes. Nevertheless, the surname helps trace ancestry back to German-speaking regions in Europe. Overall, anyone bearing the last name Ohmart can take pride in a heritage linked to old-world Europe, with possible roots tracing back to the heartland of Germany.

Ohmart: Where does the name Ohmart come from?

The last name Ohmart is commonly found within the United States of America. Its roots are primarily German, however, there are other countries in which Ohmart is found, such as Ireland, Canada, Scotland and England. Today, leading Ohmart communities are in states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kentucky and Illinois.

In Ohio, particular counties that are known to have the Ohmart surname include Carroll, Portage and Belmont. In Pennsylvania, Allegheny County is home to a notable Ohmart family. Many family members also live in the Michigan counties of Kent and Ottawa, as well as the counties of Lewis and Gallatin in Kentucky, and in Stephenson County in Illinois.

The Ohmart surname is less frequently found in other areas than those mentioned. Genealogists suggest that those who are surnamed Ohmart are generally descended from one of the different Ohmart families from Germany, who moved across the Atlantic in the 19th century. Even more so, the Ohmart surname appears to have originated in the Norwegian regions of Telemark and Agder.

In the 21st century, the last name Ohmart is not only found in many parts of the United States, but also across most of Europe, Australia, the Middle East and among other minority groups. Apart from their presence in other countries, the main concentration of Ohmarts can still be found in areas where German immigrants settled centuries ago.

Variations of the surname Ohmart

The Ohmart surname has several different spellings, variants, and surnames of the same origin. These include Ohmeert, Ohmirdt, Ohmier, Ohmen, Ohmeister, Ohmhauser, Ohmayr, Ohmer, Öhmer, Ohmair, Ohmeyer, Ohmeyr, Ohmill, Ohmischer, Ohmist, Oh moment, and Öhmelt.

Ohmair is derived from the Old German word "Ohmar", which means "remembering or mindful". It is believed that the Ohmair family originated in the region of Westphalia in Germany.

Ohmhauser is a variant of Ohmair and derives from the Old German word "Ohmarau", which means "protector or guardian". The surname dates back to the 13th century and likely originated from Bavaria, Germany.

Ohmeert, Ohmirdt, Ohmier, and Ohmen are alternate spellings of the same surname. The variants of the surname originate from the Lower Saxony region of Germany.

The Ohmeister surname likely hails from Germany and was first found in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. The name is likely derived from the Middle High German words "Ohmeistere" or “Ohnmeister”, meaning "master craftsman or journeyman".

Ohmair, Ohmhauser, and Ohmeister are also likely variants of the same origin. The Ohmayr, Ohmer, Öhmer, Ohmair, Ohmixer, and Öhmelt surnames likely originate from Switzerland and Bavaria, Germany.

Ohmair is also likely a variant of Ohmayer, an occupational German surname derived from the Middle High German word “Ohmâre”, meaning “medieval Germanic farmer". The Ohmayer family likely originated from medieval Bavaria or Switzerland.

Ohmeyer is likely derived from the Old German word "Ohm" or "Ohe", which means "river" or "brook". It is believed that the family has its origins in the Rhineland region of Germany.

Ohmeyr could be a variant of the Ohmeister and Ohmayer surnames, as it is derived from the Middle High German words "Ohmeistere" or "Ohmayer”. It is believed that the family originated in the Rhineland region of Germany.

Ohmill, Ohmischer, and Ohmist are believed to be variants of the Ohmeister and Ohmeyer surnames, as they are all derived from the Middle High German words "Ohmeister" or "Ohmeyr". The family likely hails from Germany as well.

Famous people with the name Ohmart

  • Dragonfly Ohmart: American playwright, actor and producer.
  • Shalon Ohmart: American photographer based in Los Angeles.
  • Robert Ohmart: American film and television actor, best known for his roles in Body Double and Secrets of Sweet Sixteen.
  • William H. Ohmart: American civil engineer and businessman.
  • Victoria Ohmart: American hairstylist and model.
  • Mel Ohmart: American professional basketball player for the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.
  • Paul Ohmart: American writer, producer and director best known for his work on the television shows 7th Heaven, 90210 and The Big Bang Theory.
  • Gary Ohmart: American actor and producer, known for films such as Hollow Man, Cool Runnings, and You Don't Mess with the Zohan.
  • Bruce Ohmart: American model and actor.
  • Edward Ohmart: American actor, best known for his roles in The Ring and Big Love.

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