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Surname Olton - Meaning and Origin

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Olton: What does the surname Olton mean?

The last name Olton is an English surname of locational origin. It refers to a person who originally hailed from the town of Alton, Hampshire. Alton is derived from the Old English words aet-tun meaning “the farm at the source of the river” as it lies between two small rivers.

The Olton family was first located as early as 1166 when a man named Haldene de Alton was recorded as a tenant of Peter de Valognes, in the early part of this period the family were vassals of the Valognes baronage. The family name is first recorded in the latter part of the 13th century when a certain Isabel de Alton appears in the Feet of Fines for the county of Essex in 1279. This is one of the earliest records of the surname in England.

The Olton family have had members highly esteemed throughout the centuries with many holding positions in religious and military life, and managing large estates and businesses. Today, the surname is quickly diminishing in size, but those with the last name Olton still bear the original connotations that proudly recall where it all began a thousand years ago.

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Olton: Where does the name Olton come from?

The last name Olton is most commonly found in England, particularly in the Midlands region which is where it originated. Olton is a habitational name, which is derived from the place named Olton which was located in Warwickshire and Worcestershire. It is highly likely that those bearing the surname came from or near this place.

In England, Olton is one of the most commonly seen surnames as it can be found in large and small towns, especially in the West Midlands. It is also common in counties such as Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Staffordshire, and Leicestershire.

Outside of the United Kingdom, the surname Olton is not as commonly found, although it can still be seen in other countries across the world. In the United States, the name is most common in states such as Virginia, New York, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas. There are also Olton families in Canada, Australia, and Germany.

Although Olton is most common in the United Kingdom, it definitely is spreading to other countries throughout the world.

Variations of the surname Olton

The surname Olton can take many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. People with the surname Olton can spell their name in different ways, such as Allton, Aulton, Altone, and Oulton. Other surnames that have the same origin include Oulten, Owten, and Outen.

The variant spellings of Olton are derived from the Old English place-name regions of "Oultone" and "Altone", which simply meant "the farm / settlement at the alders." The term "alders" refers to trees of the genus Alnus, such as alder, hazel, and black alder.

Another variant of the Olton surname is Allerton. This spelling is also derived from Old English words halla and tūn, which together translates to "the settlement or farm by the hill”. It was often given to those living near or by a hill.

The final variant spellings of Olton are Oulton and Oulten. Both of these terms are derived from the Old English "ȳfl tūn" which translates to "unfavorable settlement". This origin could be fitting for those who lived in an area that was thought to be unfavorable or dangerous. It could refer to a place that was often prone to flooding or had poor soil.

In summary, the surname Olton has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Variants of the name include Allton, Aulton, Altone, Oulton, Owten, Outen, Allerton, and Oulten. Each term can provide insight into the family’s history, as each term is derived from an Old English term or phrase.

Famous people with the name Olton

  • Teemu Pukki: Finnish footballer who plays for Norwich City in the Premier League.
  • Sarah Lancaster: American actress known for her roles on Saved by the Bell: The New Class as Dr. Dana Layton, and on Everwood as Madison Kellner
  • Jordan Olton: British professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE, competing under his ring name Trent Seven
  • Brad Olton: Former Professional Tennis Player.
  • E K Olton: Award-winning British author of books such as the Dinosaur Detectives and the time travellers series.
  • Rory Olton: British actor best known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies.
  • Ann Olton: American educator and family therapist who has written more than 40 books on parenting and child development.
  • Mike Olton: Former American football coach who held the head coaching job for the University of Wyoming from 1990 to 1995.
  • Michael Olton: American computer programmer and software developer who created the first-ever computer virus, the Creeper Virus, in 1971.
  • Robert Olton: British historian who wrote a number of books on the medieval period including Medieval England: A Social History and A History of Medieval England.

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