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Surname Ormiston - Meaning and Origin

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Ormiston: What does the surname Ormiston mean?

The last name Ormiston is of English origin. It is derived from the Old English personal name Osmer combined with the Old English “tūn” meaning 'enclosure or settlement'.

The first recorded spelling of the family was likely Ormestun, recorded in the early 13th century in a place named Ormeston, near Norwich, England. The Ormiston family can be traced to the Highlands of Scotland, as early as 1266, when an Ormiston was recorded as receiving a charter for an estate known as Ormiston.

Over time, numerous derivations of the name have been recorded, including Ormeston, Ormyston, Ormistoun, and Ormestoun.

The Ormistons have a long and proud history and were among the most influential families in Scotland during the 14th century, often associated with the lochs in the Menteith. The family crest still recognizes the clan's of Menteith and can be found in many heraldic crests today.

The Ormiston name has spread throughout the world, with members found primarily in the United Kingdom and North America, though they also can be found in Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

As the name implies, those displaying the Ormiston surname are proud of their ancestry and continue to hold fast to their Scottish heritage.

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Ormiston: Where does the name Ormiston come from?

The surname Ormiston is of Scottish origin and it is most commonly found in Scotland. Ormiston is sometimes rendered as Ormistone.

The Scottish Borders region and cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Dundee feature in the most common locations for Ormiston families.

In the late nineteenth century, Ormiston families began emigrating to other parts of the United Kingdom, as well as other countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In the United States, Ormiston families are located in all 50 states, but are more commonly found in Arizona, New Jersey, California, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, and Illinois.

In Canada, Ormiston is most commonly found in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

In Australia, Ormiston families are found concentrated in the states of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

The population of Ormiston surname holders is in decline in the UK, however the numbers remain fairly steady in other countries such as the United States, Canada and Australia. It can be assumed that there are still a fair number of Ormiston families living in Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom today.

Variations of the surname Ormiston

The surname Ormiston has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Some of these include Ormiston, Ormston, Ormieston, Ormstone, Ormyston, Ormistone, Ormstoun, Ormseton, Ormson, Ormstean, Ormstonne, Ormestoun and Ormestowne.

This surname is most likely derived from the place name Ormiston in East Lothian, the Borders region of Scotland, although there is some evidence that it may have Irish origins. The name could have been derived from the Old English words ‘file’, meaning ‘confluence’, and ‘tūn’, meaning ‘town’. It may also have been derived from the Old English ‘orma’, meaning ‘army’, and ‘tūn’, meaning ‘town’.

Variations in spelling of the name were very common due to the limited literacy and the variation of languages. The many spellings of this name can be attributed to the confusion between the Latin alphabet, used by Catholic church officials, and the Gaelic and Gaelicized forms of spoken English.

Variants of this surname include O'Ormiston, McOrmiston, MacOrmiston, Ormeaston, Ormestan, Ormiston, Ormystanton, Oramistan, Oramiston and Ormstead. The name is found in Scotland, Ireland, England, as well as Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Famous people with the name Ormiston

  • H.H. Ormiston: a noted agriculturalist of Canada in the 19th century.
  • James Ormiston: an 18th century Scottish anatomist.
  • Richard Ormiston: a British television producer.
  • Stuart Ormiston: a Scottish professional footballer in the 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Graeme Ormiston: a British military commander during World War One.
  • William Ormiston: a 19th century New Zealand politician.
  • Isabella Ormiston: a British Conservative politician in the late 19th century.
  • Mary Ormiston: a British social activist during the Victorian era.
  • Thomas Ormiston: a 19th century English scientist.
  • Alexander Ormiston: a British soldier and politician in the 1850s and 1860s.
  • George Ormiston: an Australian industrialist of the early 20th century.
  • James Ormiston Thewlis: a British educator, Presbyterian minister, and Principal of the University of Glasgow 1872-1882.
  • Charles Ormiston: a British army officer in the early 19th century.
  • Robert Ormiston: a 19th century Scottish Presbyterian clergyman.

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