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Surname Oselinski - Meaning and Origin

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Oselinski: What does the surname Oselinski mean?

The last name Oselinski is of Polish descent and derives from the term “osielek,” which translates to “smaller village.” This suggests that the original bearer of the Oselinski surname was from or resided in a smaller village, likely within Poland or on the border of Poland and another country.

The Oselinski surname is relatively uncommon in comparison to other Polish surnames; this could be attributed to the Polish tradition of naming families after their home village or valley. This could explain why the chosen name was not widely adopted by other families and continues to appear infrequently today.

The Oselinskis come from a long line of citizens with a proud history and a strong sense of patriotism. The Polish are a people with a long and storied past, and the Oselinski name is likely connected to the values of honor, courage, and strength that made Poland so strong. Even today, those with the Oselinski surname share a common bond to their origins, as well as a sense of pride in their heritage and name.

Oselinski: Where does the name Oselinski come from?

The last name Oselinski is most commonly found today in Poland. Generally spelled Oseliński, this surname is derived from the Polish name of Oseła, which refers to a species of grass. This surname is quite unique, and estimates suggest about 3,000 people carry it, with nearly all of them hailing from Poland, where the majority live in bigger cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, and Lodz.

Oselinskis are primarily found in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship in southwestern Poland, an area composed of 12 counties. In this region, the first Oselinskis can be traced back to the 1700s, with the towns of Wrocław, Strzelin, and Żmigród being informational hotspots regarding the surname. The surname is also present in other parts of the country, including the lesser populated Warmian-Masurian, Lubusz, and Podlaskie provinces.

Interestingly, it’s not uncommon for the name Oselinski to be an alternative spelling of other Polish surnames such as Ostrowski and Ostróski, which is thought to be an indication of a shared genealogical heritage.

Oselinski is a unique surname not commonly found outside of Poland, and the majority of Oselinskis live in the country’s southwestern regions today.

Variations of the surname Oselinski

The surname Oselinski has a long history and a few different spellings and variants.

Orsellini is probably the most common variant of the Oselinski surname. It has been known to be spelled with and without the second ‘l’, essentially making it a double question: Orsellini or Orselini? This spelling is also found in some parts of South America.

The spelling Ostelinski is another common variant of the Oselinski name. This can also be found as Oselinsky, Ostenski, or Oselchinsky.

The spelling Osalenski may also be seen occasionally and is very similar to the Oselinski spelling.

The name Oselinksi may also be seen occasionally and is the most similar to the original spelling.

Another spelling is Oselencki, which is common in certain parts of Poland.

The surname Os;ynski is also used sometimes, although it is more uncommon than the others.

Finally, the last major spelling seen with the Oselinski name is Osenki. This spelling is most common in certain regions of Russia and Belarus.

Overall, the surname Oselinski has a long and rich history with many different variants and spellings. The most common variants are Orselini, Ostelinski, Osalenski and Oselencki, but other variants exist depending on the geographical region.

Famous people with the name Oselinski

  • Tom Oselinski: professional American football player who played in the National Football League during the early 1960s.
  • Steve Oselinski: retired major league baseball pitcher and current president and CEO of Sporting Innovations, which provides software and technology services for professional sports teams.
  • Mark Oselinksi: NFL offensive lineman and former offensive line coach.
  • Richard Oselinski: Armenian-born American classical composer and educator.
  • Katherine Oselinski: American actress known for her roles in the films “Texas Chainsaw Massacre III” and “Leprechaun 3”.
  • Gary Oselinski: retired professional ice hockey player who currently holds the records for most points and most goals in a single season for the Central Hockey League.
  • John Oselinksi: professional film and television producer, director and writer who has worked on projects like “The 35th Annual People's Choice Awards”, “ER” and “The District”.
  • Matthew Oselinski: American music producer and composer who has written and produced music for films like “Spy Kids 3” and the television series “Alias”.
  • Bernard Oselinksi: Canadian artist known for his surrealistic paintings.
  • Oselina Negron: professional boxer from Puerto Rico who competed for the Mexican World Boxing Council featherweight championship in 2006.

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