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Surname Otañez - Meaning and Origin

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Otañez: What does the surname Otañez mean?

The last name Otañez is of Spanish origin. Its meaning is derived from the Spanish name Oton, which is a diminutive form of The name Otone. The name Otone means "wealthy one" and it is believed the Otañez variation was made to sound feminine.

Today, the surname Otañez is common throughout Spain, South and Central America. It is especially common in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, and Brazil.

In Spain, the name Otañez has associations with a number of noble families. These families have often had members of the clergy and military personnel among their ranks. The name is also associated with a prominent Spanish family of the 17th century, of which many members served in positions of influence.

Otañez is also a nickname for the town in the province of Granada, Spain.

Due to its Spanish origin, the meaning behind the surname Otañez typically refers to wealth and power. It is a powerful name and is often associated with a sense of pride, prestige and respect.

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Otañez: Where does the name Otañez come from?

The surname Otañez is a common Hispanophonic surname, primarily found in the countries of the Latin American and Iberian diaspora. It is most commonly found in Mexico, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, and Venezuela. Other nations with significant concentrations include Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Panama, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala.

In Mexico, Otañez is most commonly found in the states of Sinaloa, Guerrero, Colima, Estado de Mexico, Veracruz, Jalisco, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas. There is also a small centre with the surname Otañez in the United States in the state of Texas.

The surname itself is believed to derive from the name of a type of bird, namely the tángara, a species of passerine bird found in Central and South America. The surname is thought to have come about after the name of the bird was combined with the Castillian suffix 'ez' which means 'son of' or 'people of'. Thus, the original bearer of the surname was likely someone whose family were associated with the tángara.

Otañez is a relatively common surname in the Latin American countries mentioned above and descendants of the original bearer of the name are scattered across the region. It is likely a combination of movements of people from unconnected lineages as well as the commonality and popularity of the name that gives it this large spread.

Variations of the surname Otañez

The Otañez surname is a variation of the surname Umañez which has its historical roots in Spain. The primary variants of this surname include Umáñez, Omañez, Umañez, Omañas, Umañas, Umáñas and Umaña.

The origins of the surname are linked to the Castilian noble family whose surname was "Vizcaya Umañez". This essentially meant 'from Umañez', indicating the family's ancestral place of origin. The link between this family and the Otañez surname is unclear, though it is believed that the surname is derived from a patronymic name formed with the name Umañez (or Omañez).

The verbal forms of the surname (i.e. Omañez and Umañez) are found in Castile and Leon in the early 13th century but the orthographic variants mostly emerged in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

The Otañez surname could also be spelled Otañas, Utañez, Utañas, Otañez or Omáñez. In addition, this surname is also found in Latin America with alternative spellings such as Otañez, Otanez, Otaña and Ojana.

In the United States of America, other variants of this surname include Otanez, Uteñez, Otane, Otañez-Rivas, Umaña, Umãez, Omãez, Ománez, Umañes, Umães and Umãnez. Similarly, in Latin America, variants include Otáñez, Otañes, Otañez-Rivas, Ojana, and Otánez.

While the Otañez surname is a variation of Umañez, it is sometimes also spelled with other variations including Otaez, Uteanez, Odaez, Etane, Otanez, Etanez, Umiane, Umanez and Umiane-Rivas.

Famous people with the name Otañez

  • Diego Otañez: Ecuadorian footballer
  • Juan Otañez: Chilean singer
  • Claudia Otañez: Ecuadorian model
  • Gino Otañez: Ecuadorian singer-songwriter
  • Hiram Otañez: Venezuelan actor
  • Jessica Otañez: Chilean actress
  • Ruben Otañez: Peruvian film director
  • Santiago Otañez: Argentine footballer
  • Cristina Otañez: Mexican singer
  • Mario Otañez: Spanish actor

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