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Surname Overbaugh - Meaning and Origin

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Overbaugh: What does the surname Overbaugh mean?

The surname Overbaugh is an Americanized variant of the German surname Oberbauer. The name originates from the German word "Ober", meaning upper or high, and "Bauer", meaning farmer. The name, therefore, translates to "upper farmer" or "high farmer". This name likely once referred to a farmer of a higher social standing in the village or area.

Overbaugh is a fairly uncommon surname, with its highest concentrations in the United States in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Indiana. The earliest recorded bearer of this name was Yost Oberbauer, who moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania from Germany in the late 1800s.

Some later bearers of this surname have changed their name to Overbaugh; this is likely due to the cumbersome nature of the original German name, as well as the desire to assimilate into the prevailing English-speaking culture of the United States.

Despite how uncommon the surname Overbaugh is, those who carry this name can take pride in the knowledge that it originated hundreds of years ago from a far-away land. Knowing the origin of one’s surname is a connection to the past and can reflect the cultural journey of one’s ancestors.

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Overbaugh: Where does the name Overbaugh come from?

The last name Overbaugh is most commonly found today in the United States and Canada. It is estimated that there are over 7,000 people across the two countries who share the name.

The highest concentration of the name can be found in the Midwestern states of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois where it is estimated that nearly 2,000 people share the name. This tend to be an area with a large concentration of Swiss-German, English and Dutch immigrants.

In addition to the United States and Canada, the surname Overbaugh can be found in smaller populations throughout the British Isles and Australia. Records point to the first Overbaugh family to settle in the United States in the late 1800s, coming in from Germany and Switzerland.

Today, the surname is still relatively rare around the world with many of the people who bear it direct descendants of the pioneer families who first brought the name to the United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Overbaugh

The surname Overbaugh is believed to have originated as a German, Dutch, or Jewish surname. Variants and spellings of Overbaugh are increasingly common, with some including Oeverbaugh, Overbaug, Oeverbaug, Overburg, Oeverburg and even Overbaugh.

Variants of the name Overbaugh can vary depending on the country of origin. Variants may keep the same meaning but can be modified to reflect the location of origin. In German, the surname Overbaugh may appear as Oberbauer, Oeverbaur or Oberberger. In Dutch, the surname could be Oeverbaaier, Oberbaer, Oermanerbaum, Oerverbaucher or Oeverboer. In Jewish culture, the surname is typically modified to Overbok, Oeverbok, Oeverbuch or Overbuch.

In some cases, the surname Overbaugh or its variants has been altered to suit the English language. This means the original spelling often appears differently, like Overbo, Oeverbo and Oberbo.

In the United States of America, the surname Overbaugh is commonly misspelt Underbaugh. This is likely due to a spelling error or a misunderstanding of the original German, Dutch, or Jewish versions of the name.

Overall, the surname Overbaugh has been adopted in a variety of ways, with a variety of spellings and surnames. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin have been developed over time as the name has spread across the world, each version reflecting its own regional history.

Famous people with the name Overbaugh

  • Melissa Overbaugh: American screenwriter and director of independent films.
  • Stephen Overbaugh: Academic and former business executive who is known for his work in financial asset management.
  • Jake Overbaugh: Professional lacrosse player, who currently plays for the Dallas Rattlers in the National Lacrosse League.
  • Daniel Overbaugh: Former Major League Baseball player who played for the Cincinnati Reds back in the 1950s.
  • Carl Overbaugh: Famous jazz trumpet player and composer who is known for his unique compositions and improvisation.
  • Mike Overbaugh: Professional wrestler, who has made an appearance in the World Wrestling Entertainment.
  • Wes Overbaugh: Professional motocross rider and television personality.
  • J. Owen Overbaugh: American historian and professor, known for his work on the history of religious conflict.
  • Brent Overbaugh: American celebrity chef and award-winning entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of the catering company Bougmon Catering.
  • Grant Overbaugh: Musician and composer who has been featured in various films as a composer and music director.

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