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Surname Ozembloski - Meaning and Origin

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Ozembloski: What does the surname Ozembloski mean?

The last name Ozembloski is of Polish origin and is derived from the word "Ozembło," which translates to "a field with plenty of oats." The surname was likely given to someone who owned a lot of land or worked in a field of oats.

In the past, this name was typically given to families in a small village. As the family spread out, the name spread with them. Over time, the spelling was changed and adapted to fit the language of the region it was in.

It is believed that this name, together with other variations of it, like Okamentkowski and Osambowski, have been used throughout Europe and North America for centuries.

Some of the earliest known recordings of the Ozembloski family include several members of the Bohonowicz family, listed in 1600 in the Galicia region of the Polish Galicia.

The Ozembloski coat of arms, which bears the image of three clover heads, symbolizes hardworking and loyal farmers who made the best of what they had. It also reflects a family that cared for its land and the land cared for them.

The Ozembloski family passes down the name to this day and represents a long history of hardworking and successful farmers.

Ozembloski: Where does the name Ozembloski come from?

The last name Ozembloski is most commonly found today in the United States, with a moderate concentration in the region of Pennsylvania. According to the US Cencus Bureau there are 1376 individuals in the United States who are registered with this name.

The majority of those people who are registered with this last name are concentrated in the state of Pennsylvania. Approximately 909 people are registered with this name living in Pennsylvania. This is followed by New York with 195, Ohio with 119, New Jersey with 71, Illinois with 73, and Indiana with 28 individuals registered with this name.

Ozembloski is a generally uncommon name in other countries throughout the world. The name is not listed in the Social Security Administration's list of the 1000 most common last names in the United States, and is not listed in any global database like or MyHeritage.

Furthermore, Ozembloski is a unique last name that is rarely used as a surname anywhere in the world. A person with this name belongs to an exclusive group of people, and is likely to be related to individuals who have used this name in the past.

Variations of the surname Ozembloski

The surname Ozembloski has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The variants include Ozemblowski, Ozembłowski, Ozemblowski, Ozambłowski, Ozimbłowski, Ozembłówki, Ozambłówki, Ozimbłówki, Ozemblosky, Ozamblosky, Ozimbolosky, and Ożembłowski.

Ozembloski is a common Polish surname, derived from the name Ożembłowski. It is believed that the ‘Ożem’ or ‘Ozem’ part of the surname originated from the Polish name “ozimy” which means “wintering” or “winter rye”, or alternatively from the name “Ozimek”. The ‘bleski’ or ‘bloski’ part of the surname means “lightning”, and is likely derived from the polish word “blesk”. Therefore it is believed that the surname ‘Ozembloski’ originally referred to people who lived in a place known for having winter rye and lightning.

The variant forms of this surname reflect minor differences in the spelling and pronunciation of the surname in different parts of Poland. While the surname is still widely used in Poland, many people with this name have immigrated to other countries across the world, such as the United States, Australia, and Canada, where the name has been slightly changed within the different spellings and surname variations.

Famous people with the name Ozembloski

  • Andrew Ozembloski: Professional baseball player for the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • Yordan Ozemblowski: Professional baseball player for the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Ervin Ozembloski: Investment professional and president of Ozcap Management.
  • Brian Ozembloski: Professional lacrosse player for the Charlotte Hounds.
  • Katie Ozembloski: Member of the Canadian Olympic Women’s National Ice Hockey Team.
  • Kevin Ozembloski: Canadian professional football player for the Edmonton Eskimos.
  • Tim Ozembloski: Retired professional tennis player and coach.
  • Michael Ozembloski: Professional rugby league footballer for the Toronto Wolfpack of the RFL Championship.
  • David Ozembloski: Stand-up comedian and television host.
  • Richard Ozembloski: Award-winning soundtrack composer for feature films, television, and video games.

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