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Surname Parke - Meaning and Origin

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Parke: What does the surname Parke mean?

Parke is a surname of English and Irish origin. In English, it derives from the Old English word "pearroc", which means “enclosed land”, often referring to lands reserved for hunting or a park-like sanctuary. Early adoption of the surname often denoted individuals who lived by or worked in such spaces.

In Irish origin, Parke is an anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Páirc or Mac Páirc. The prefix "Ó" means "grandson of" and "Mac" means "son of", both followed by "Páirc", a personal name equivalent to the English "Park". Hence, it has been used interchangeably with the Irish surname "Park" or "Parks".

It is important to highlight that meanings and histories of surnames can vary significantly based on regional and historical contexts. The meanings provided above represent common interpretations rather than definitive explanations.

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Parke: Where does the name Parke come from?

The last name Parke is most commonly found in the United States of America. According to statistics available from the United States Census Bureau, the surname Parke was ranked 2,419th among the most common surnames in the United States in 2020. It is most frequently found among people of Caucasian descent, with the majority of those with the surname living in the southern states of the US.

The origin of the surname Parke is thought to be English or Scottish, with some references suggesting that the name was derived from the Middle English nickname for "park keeper." Although originally an occupation-based surname, Parke has seen more diverse origins since the 19th Century, with some variations of the name being adopted from other languages such as French and German.

The name is also commonly found in areas of Western Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom. In 2020, the last name Parke ranked 5929th among the most common surnames in the UK. Predominantly found among people of British descent, there is evidence of the name being adopted in other parts of Europe over centuries of immigration. Similarly, the name is also common in areas of the British-influenced Commonwealth, with high concentrations of the surname reported in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Overall, the name Parke is most commonly found in the United States and the United Kingdom, with smaller populations present in other parts of Western Europe and the Commonwealth.

Variations of the surname Parke

The surname Parke has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is derived from the Old English word ‘paric’, which means ‘enclosure’. The name could have been used to describe someone who lived or worked in an enclosed space or to describe a location.

Variants of the surname include Park, Parkes, Parks, Parkman, Parkin, and Parkington. Parkman and Parkin are mainly found in the UK, while Parkes and Parkington are more common in the US.

Alternative spellings of the name include Park, Parkes, Perkins, Parke, Parkins, Parrke, and Parkyn. Parrke is mainly found in Scotland, while Parkyn is found mainly in the US.

The surname is also found as a variation of other surnames, such as Pearke, Berkeley, Parkhurst, and Parkman.

Finally, Parke is also the name of a place in Northern Ireland, so people with this place name may also be found in Ireland. Those with this surname may have Irish, Scottish, English, or even Dutch ancestry.

Famous people with the name Parke

  • Edith Parke: British artist and sculptor
  • Henry Parke: American actor
  • Robert Parke: American actor
  • Derek Parke: British TV and radio presenter
  • Ann Parke: English novelist
  • Gail Parke: Canadian-American actress
  • Roberta Parke: American poet
  • Henry Parke Custis: American architect
  • Richard Parke: English actor
  • Jeffery D. Parke: American musician and producer
  • Joanna Parke: English actress
  • Francis Parke: American tennis player
  • Allen W. Parke: American field hockey player
  • George Parke: English military serviceman
  • Peter Parke: Canadian actor
  • Thomas Parke: American Revolutionary War captain
  • Christopher Parke: American rocket scientist and engineer
  • Jake Parke: English actor
  • Richard Parke-Davis: British-American psychopharmacologist
  • Albert Parke: American politician

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