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Surname Parry - Meaning and Origin

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T. Parry

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Parry: What does the surname Parry mean?

Parry is a surname of Welsh origin. The name is derived from "ap Harry," which means "son of Harry." Over time, the "a" and "p" fused to become "Parry." This form of surname was typically utilized to signify relationships within families, specifically father-son relationships in Medieval Wales. The use of "ap" or "ab" meaning "son of" was a common naming convention during this time period. The name Harry is itself derived from Henry, a given name of Germanic origin meaning "ruler of the home" or "home ruler." Thus, the surname Parry can be implicitly understood to mean "son of the home ruler." It is widespread across Wales and England. Notable people with this surname include Charles Hubert Parry, an English composer, and Thomas Parry, a Welsh historian and literature scholar. Despite the specific lineage implied by the surname, it does not necessarily denote any defined heritage or ancestral status today.

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Parry: Where does the name Parry come from?

The last name Parry is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, particularly in Wales and the neighbouring counties of Gloucester, Somerset and Herefordshire. It is also found in small numbers in North America, particularly the Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

The last name Parry is of Welsh origin and is thought to have derived from the English name Peter. It is thought to have been first used as a surname in the Middle Ages. It was adopted by those who lived in Wales but were not originally from the area.

It is primarily a Welsh name, however, as it can be found in records throughout Wales. It has been traditionally used as a first name and is also widespread as a surname.

The name Parry is thought to have been brought to the United Kingdom by immigrants from Wales. It is thought to have become more widespread during the 12th century when the Normans invaded and occupied parts of Wales.

Today, the surname Parry is still chiefly found in the United Kingdom, with a small number of people carrying the name found elsewhere in the world. In the UK, it is especially common in Wales, with its highest presence in North Wales.

Variations of the surname Parry

The surname Parry has several variants, spellings and associated surnames with the same origin. The original spelling of the name is Perrie, which most likely originated as a variation of the Welsh name 'ap Harry'. Since then, it has taken on several different spellings around the world.

In England, the most common spelling is Parry, while Parr is a Scottish alternative. Other popular variations found in the United Kingdom are Parrey, Perry, Perrye and Pary. Par uses the Irish spelling, and similar variations can be found in other countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States.

In addition to the different spellings of the surname, a number of surnames are believed to originate from the same source as Parry. The most recognised of which are Harries, Harris, Harry, Parris and Parrish. Other surnames such as Parrott and Pearry can also be traced back to the origin of the name.

Overall, Parry is an ancient surname which has seen many changes in its spelling, making it difficult to trace its origin. However, the variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin provide us with a deeper understanding of its history and geography.

Famous people with the name Parry

  • Jack Parry: Actor
  • Paul Parry: Welsh footballer
  • Edward Parry: English entomologist and architect
  • Richard Parry: Musician
  • Craig Parry: Australian golfer
  • Bold Parry: British composer
  • Alex Parry: Australian disc jockey and producer,
  • Tom Parry: Comedian and actor
  • Emily Parry: Award-winning Australian author
  • Carolyn Parry: English singer and songwriter
  • Howard Parry: Canadian actor
  • Joseph Parry: Welsh composer
  • Jon Parry: Archaeologist
  • Holly Parry: Novelist
  • Marian Parry: American folk and popular music collector
  • Roger Parry: Businessman
  • Emma Parry: Welsh television presenter
  • Delyth Parry: Welsh singer
  • Sir Parry Jones: Scientist, former chancellor of Aberystwyth University
  • Sir John Henry Parry: Former senior judge of the High Court of England & Wales

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