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Surname Payl - Meaning and Origin

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Payl: What does the surname Payl mean?

The last name Payl does not seem to have a specific meaning as it is quite a rare surname and does not appear in list of common surnames. The origin of the surname Payl could possibly be a variation or misspelling of the surname Paul, which is derived from the biblical personal name Paul, meaning 'small' or 'humble' in Latin. Alternatively, it could possibly be a variant of the surname Payle, which may have been a locational surname referring to a person originating from Pailles, a place in Normandy. These interpreted meanings and origins however, are purely speculative due to the rarity of the surname Payl. As with many surnames, the specific meaning and history can have different interpretations and can only be definitively identified through detailed genealogical research. Another suggestion might be that the name Payl was originally a given name or a nickname that eventually transformed into a surname.

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Payl: Where does the name Payl come from?

The last name Payl is most commonly found today in countries of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Germany, Poland, and Austria. Payl is a common German surname which is derived from the personal name Paul, itself coming from the Latin given name “Paulus”, meaning ‘small’ or ‘humble’. This surname was popular among German families in the Middle Ages and can be found scattered across the globe today.

In Germany, Payl is found throughout the country in both rural and urban areas. The highest concentration of the Payl surname is in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), particularly around the cities of Hamburg and Lüneburg, which lie in the east of the state. In Austria, the last name is mostly concentrated around Vöcklabruck, a town in the Upper Austrian district of Vöcklabruck. The surname notably appears less frequently outside of Lower Saxony.

Payl is also found in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland, where it is believed to have come from German settlers in the 18th and 19th centuries. Besides Central and Eastern Europe, the last name Payl can also be found in the United States, Canada, and other countries around the world, as people of Central and Eastern European descent often migrated to pursue different lifestyles and opportunities.

Variations of the surname Payl

Payl is an uncommon and rare surname of unknown linguistic origin thought to have first appeared in English records during the medieval period. It is also found to be spelled in varying ways: Payle, Payell, Paylle, Pail, Paile, Paiel, Pael and Pay.

Payl is more predominately found as a surname in the United Kingdom, although a be few Payls can also be found in Ireland, Australasia and the United States.

There are several other discernible variations in spelling which are related to Payl: Pal, Palin, Pagan, Pagon, Paige, and Paij.

Most of the surnames associated with Payl are considered to be variants of the same origin. Thus, individuals with the surname Payl may also have relatives with the surname Payle, Payell, Paylle, Pail, Paile, Paiel, Pael, Pal, Palin, Pagan, Pagon, Paige, or Paij. It is likely that these bearers of the surnames were either related by ancestry, or adopted the same surname in the distant past.

Ultimately, to definitively trace the origin of the surname Payl and its variants, further research may be required. Such research may include online archives, and local records and resources in the areas where the surname is most prominently found.

Famous people with the name Payl

  • Adam Payne: British journalist
  • Anne-Marie Paynel: French journalist
  • Barry Payne: Canadian ice hockey player
  • Bob Paynter: British television presenter and radio producer
  • Des Payne: English footballer
  • Gary Paynter: English footballer
  • Jay Payleitner: American radio show producer, author and speaker
  • Kelly Payne: Australian basketball player
  • Mark Paylan: Filipino politician
  • Michael Payne: American television executive and sport adviser
  • Mike Payling: English former footballer
  • Shalan Payl: Brazilian footballer
  • Stephen Payling: English former footballer
  • Valerie Payen-Crosaz: Swiss Calypso singer
  • Warren Payne: Australian rules footballer

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