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Surname Cadell - Meaning and Origin

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Cadell: What does the surname Cadell mean?

The surname Cadell is derived from an Old Welsh personal name, Cadwaladr, meaning 'Battle Leader'. It appears to have been popularized by the 'Saint Cadwaladr' who lived in the 7th century. As a surname, Cadell is found in Wales and throughout England, particularly in the northwest.

The name Cadell can signify a family with a strong warrior spirit, bravery, courage, and honour. In Welsh households the name is borne with a sense of great pride and lineage. It may also derive from the Welsh cad meaning 'battle' or 'warfare'.

In Wales, the Cadell surname mainly appears around the Old Welsh border, specifically in counties like Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Radnorshire. The Cadells were a landed gentry family south of the border in Shropshire, many of whom served in the army or navy and held aristocratic titles.

The name Cadell carries a heavy history and it is not difficult to see why one would want the name in their family tree. The name still appears throughout Wales and England with many families bearing the surname. Those who did have the fortune of obtaining this surname can be proud of its rich history and lineage.

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Cadell: Where does the name Cadell come from?

The Cadell surname is most common in Wales, where it likely originated. Initially, the spelling of the surname could vary, ranging from Cadwell to Codeall, and perhaps even more. It is likely that the Cadell spelling became more popular due to a prominent family, who trace their lineage back to Ystrad Aeron in Cardiganshire.

Today, the Cadell surname can be found primarily around Wales and the UK. The highest concentrations of people with the Cadell surname are found in the counties of London, Merseyside, and West Midlands. There are also a significant number of people bearing the Cadell surname in both Ireland and Scotland.

In addition to the UK, the Cadell surname can also be found in the United States. In the US, the surname is most common in the states of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Texas. The surname has also spread to other countries in Europe, such as Spain and Portugal, where there are comparatively small numbers of people bearing the Cadell surname. Additionally, the Cadell surname can be found in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Cadell

The surname Cadell has several variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants for this surname are Cadwell, Cadel, Cadwell, Cadwallader and Caddell.

Cadwell is a variant of the same surname and is an English name derived from the Old Welsh personal name Cadwal. Cadwal is a combination of the words “cad” meaning battle and “wal” meaning ruler. It also reflects a military leader who was a strong and successful warrior.

Cadel is another variant of the same surname and is derived from the Old French name Cadelle. Cadelle is a combination of the elements “cad” meaning battle and “el” meaning male. It is likely to have originated as a nickname for a brave and valiant soldier.

Cadwallader is another variant of the same surname and is a Biblical name that is derived from the Old Welsh element “cadwal” meaning battle. It is believed to be derived from the Biblical figure Cadwallader who was the King of Gwynedd from the 7th century.

Caddell is another variant of the same surname and is an English name derived from the Old Welsh name Cadwalladwr. Cadwalladwr is a combination of the element “cad” meaning battle and “gwaladr” meaning leader or ruler. It is likely to have originated as a nickname for a brave and courageous leader.

Finally, the surname Cadell is also variant of the same surname, likely derived from the Welsh term “cadel” meaning a battle. The name is believed to have originated as a nickname for a brave and valiant soldier who was good at fighting.

Famous people with the name Cadell

  • Sia Cadell: Australian actress, singer, and TV host.
  • Richard Cadell: British television presenter and puppet character.
  • Susan Cadell: Canadian psychologist and professor.
  • Jack Cadell: Australian actor best known for his role in the 1978 movie 'Bikie Wars'.
  • Judi Cadell: British actress and television presenter.
  • Stewart Cadell: American actor, playwright, and writer.
  • Maggie Cadell: British actress known for her roles on the television series 'My Family' and 'Doctors'.
  • D. Scott Cadell: American historian and author.
  • Bryan Cadell: New Zealand musician, singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Jeff Cadell: American actor known for his roles in 'Big Bad Wolf' and 'Munster Go Home'.

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