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Surname Cadhla - Meaning and Origin

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Cadhla: What does the surname Cadhla mean?

The last name Cadhla has its origins in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Cadhla is derived from the Old Gaelic word “cathal”, which translates to “battle lord.” It is a clan name for those descended from the warrior-king Cathal mac Finguine, whose dynasty controlled power in the region in the 9th century.

While not as commonly used as other old Scottish and Irish surname, the Cadhla name is recognizable in both countries. Those that bear the surname likely belong to the same family line and are descended from the warrior-king Cathal mac Finguine.

The Cadhla surname is associated with the qualities of strength and power, as would be expected from the ancestors of this line. It speaks to the idea that those who carry the name have a special connection to the land and the traditions of their ancestors. This can be seen in the Celtic symbolism associated with the surname, which includes a four-pointed star.

One of the more notable people in history who went by the last name Cadhla is William James Cadhla, the distinguished surgeon from Ireland who often encouraged physicians to work with a sense of integrity. He also worked tirelessly to encourage the improvement of medical knowledge in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In conclusion, the last name Cadhla has a strong sense of history tied to it, with a reputation for strength and integrity. Those who carry this name have the honor of being descended from an ancient line of warrior-kings and carry on their legacy with a sense of pride.

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Cadhla: Where does the name Cadhla come from?

The last name Cadhla is a fairly uncommon last name that is most commonly found in Ireland. It is believed to have originated from the Gaelic surname "O Cadhla," which was typically found in the Irish province of Munster. As of 2017, there were approximately 163 people with the last name Cadhla living in Ireland, primarily in County Clare.

Cadhla is also found in other parts of the British Isles. The United Kingdom currently has 6 people with Cadhla as their last name, primarily located in Scotland. In America, the last name is much less common. The 2000 U.S. census lists only 5 people with this surname located in Massachusetts, California, and Arkansas.

Overall, the last name Cadhla is still relatively rare. Nonetheless, the name is still found in places like Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In the years to come, the population of individuals with Cadhla as their last name is likely to increase as people continue to move around the world.

Variations of the surname Cadhla

The surname Cadhla is a Gaelic surname which originated from the Irish language. The name is derived from the Irish word “cadhal”, which means “warrior” or “brave”. The name is most commonly found in parts of Ireland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom.

Cadhla can be spelt in many ways, including Cahell, Cahelly, Cahela, Cahl, Cahill, Cahillane, Cahillane, Cahillen, Cahillon, Cahillyn, Cahillan, Cahillane, Caehla, and Cadhal.

Variants of the surname include: Cahell, Cahill, Caehla, Cahillen, Cahillane, Cahillyn, Cahillan, Cahillane, Cahillon, and Cahela. Common surnames related to Cadhla include Callaghan, Cahalane, Cagney, Calleghan, Callaghan, and Cagney.

Cadhla is a comparatively rare surname, though people who bear this surname often feel a strong sense of pride about their family name. It can be a source of great pride to have Cadhla ancestry, as it’s a reminder and testament to the brave warriors of old. The name is a reminder of the courage and strength in the face of adversity which is part of the proud history of the Irish people.

Famous people with the name Cadhla

  • Saoirse Cadhla: Irish Disability Rights Activist
  • Ethel Cadhla: child welfare worker and activist in New South Wales, Australia.
  • Imelda Cadhla: Irish actress and humanitarian
  • Claire Cadhla: actress in plays and films such as Doomsday and The Dilemma
  • Alan Cadhla: Irish musician and songwriter
  • Joe Cadhla: Irish singer and actor
  • Thomas Cadhla: Irish actor and singer in plays, films, and TV
  • Cathy Cadhla: Irish painter and sculptor
  • Mary Cadhla: Irish poet
  • Bríd Cadhla: Irish actress and screenwriter

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