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Surname Cadwell - Meaning and Origin

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Cadwell: What does the surname Cadwell mean?

The last name Cadwell originates from an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish surname. The name is derived from the Old English word ‘cade’ meaning ‘cottage’, and ‘well’ meaning ‘spring’. Combined together, the name Cadwell means ‘a cottage near a spring’ and was most likely adopted by a family that either lived by a spring or worked at one.

The earliest recorded spelling of the name dates back to 1180 when ‘Henry de Cade, Citizen of London’ was mentioned in the ‘Records of the City of London’. It’s likely that he was a man of trade, and that’s why his name was recorded. Since then, the name has been recorded in various documents across many centuries.

Today, the name Cadwell is still quite popular in England, Scotland and the US. Cadwells appear in records from coast to coast, from people in historically significant positions to everyday citizens. In recent years, various famous people have carried on the name, including Joel Cadwell, a former football player and William Cadwell, an author.

To sum up, Cadwell is an old name whose roots are associated with cottages near a spring and the name can still be found in various forms today. People from all walks of life carry on the name, making it a persistent presence across centuries and continents.

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Cadwell: Where does the name Cadwell come from?

The last name Cadwell is most commonly found today in the United States and Canada. In the United States, the name is most concentrated in the midwestern and central states, especially Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin. It is also found in California, Texas, and Washington. In Canada, the name is most common in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. Globally, the name is found mainly in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The first individuals bearing the last name Cadwell are said to have likely been derived from a place name, such as the town of Caddell in North Yorkshire, dating back to the 13th century. The earliest local occurrence of the name is in records of Lancashire in 1553. The name is thought to have arisen by the habit of adding the suffix-well to a pre-existing name, usually an occupation or a place.

The Cadwell family can trace its lineage back to the Anglo-Saxon period of British history, though family records prior to the 10th century are exceedingly sparse. Many records of the family were destroyed in London during the Great Fire of 1666. The Cadwells were involved in many occupations, including farming, preaching, carpentry, and shoe-making. The family can also trace itself back to a number of distinct branches which spread out across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Variations of the surname Cadwell

The Cadwell surname has several variants and alternate spellings, such as Caldwell, Cardwell, Cawdle, Cawdell, and Caldwell. Surnames that have a similar origin include Cadle, Caddle, Cardale, and Cardel.

The variation in spelling of the family name can be attributed to a lack of standardized spelling of pre–Modern English. The original form of the Cadwell name was actually a Middle English word "ceade" which means swamp. It is believed the name referred to someone who originally lived near a swamp or marsh.

The Anglo–Saxon influence of English history is also evident in the origin of Cadwell. During the Middle Ages when the English language was still developing, the given name "Caedwel" existed in the language, translating to "cold well" or "cold stream".

The variations even go beyond England, with several American variants found in the 18th and 19th centuries. In the United States, variations such as Cadel, Cadle, and Cardle have come to be used. It is notable that the spelling and pronunciation of names often changed with each generation.

Regardless of the source of their name, the Cadwells, Caldwells, Cardwells, and other variants all trace their ancestry back to the Middle Ages and an old Celtic origin.

Famous people with the name Cadwell

  • Stuart Cadwell: An actor who has had roles in various features films such as Paranormal Activity and the Sleepy Skunk YouTube channel.
  • Vicki Cadwell: The lead string instructor at the Berkeley Institute of Music and a teacher at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.
  • Ernie Cadwell: A former professional baseball player who played for the Seattle Rainiers and St. Louis Browns.
  • Gordon J. Cadwell: A former Mayor of Portland, Oregon and a member of the Oregon Legislature.
  • John Cadwell: An English professional footballer who played for Tranmere Rovers Football Club.
  • William E. Cadwell: The 18th United States Senator from Maryland from 1977 to 1981.
  • Julie Cadwell: A former TV actress who appeared in many television shows including the Off-Broadway production of Too True To Be Good.
  • James Cadwell: A former American politician who served as a member of the California State Assembly.
  • Kay Cadwell: A painting and sculpture artist, instructor, and art consultant in the Los Angeles area.
  • Nancy Cadwell: A fashion designer whose company, Nancy Cadwell Designs, produces garments and accessories.

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