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Surname Caesperlein - Meaning and Origin

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Caesperlein: What does the surname Caesperlein mean?

The last name Caesperlein is of German origin and is an occupational name. It is derived from the Middle High German "caesper" meaning cheese-maker or from the Middle High German "gesefer" meaning poulter.

As an occupational name, the Caesperlein surname would have been given to someone who worked with cheese or poultry. It is likely that the name originated in a farming community since the person originally given the name would have most likely earned their living by making and selling cheese and poultry products.

The family who bears the Caesperlein surname likely has a longstanding history within the farming communities of Germany. Since it is an occupational surname, it is likely that the name has been passed down from generations of cheese-makers and poulterers.

The name Caesperlein is quite unique since it is not a common surname. It is likely that the person who bears this surname is proud of their family’s heritage as cheese-makers and poulterers and the hard work and ingenuity needed to make a living off of such trades. The family likely values hard work and an entrepreneurial spirit, traits that can be tied directly to the origins of their surname.

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Caesperlein: Where does the name Caesperlein come from?

The last name Caesperlein is most commonly found in the United States. It is also popular in certain areas of Germany, in particular, the states of Bavaria, Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia.

The Caesperlein family is believed to have originated in the medieval Bavarian region of Germany. There are records of the surname being used as far back as the 15th century and it has been passed down over the generations.

The earliest record of the name is of a woman named Anna Caesperlein, who was married to Captain Johannes Stoppacher in 1587 in Munich. Records also indicate that members of the Caesperlein family fought in the War of Succession in 1705.

Today, there are about 250 households in the United States carrying the name Caesperlein. The most common states in which the name is found are Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Most people with the last name Caesperlein are descendants of immigrants who arrived in the US during the late 19th century. Some smaller populations of the Caesperlein family are scattered around the United States and Germany.

Variations of the surname Caesperlein

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Caesperlein are Caspersperle, Casperly, Casperlein and Casperly.

Caspersperle is the most common variant of the Caesperlein surname and is derived from the German language. It was likely originally the name of a village, or a farm belonging to the Casperlein family. The spelling Caspersperle likely derives from the German phrase “caësperléin”, which translated into English means “little Casper”.

Casperly is a slightly less common variation and likely derives from the Middle High German phrase “casparlein,” which was a derivation from “caësperléin”. It is a contraction of Casper and perhaps Meyer, which is a typical German surname.

Casperlein is another variation and likely derives from the same Middle High German phrase. It is often times seen with the spelling “Casperlel” or “Casperle” as well. It is believed to have originally been derived from the same village or farm belonging to the Casperlein family.

Casperly is the rarest of them all and is likely derived from the same Middle High German phrase. It is believed to have derived from a contracted form of the phrase, though it is unclear if this is in fact true.

Surnames of the same origin but slightly different spellings are also common. You may find different spellings such as Casparl, Casparli, Casparly, Casperl, Casperli and Casperly. It is uncertain exactly when these variants of the name emerged, but it is estimated that they have been around since at least the 15th century. They may have been popularized through migration as families moved in search of new homes or jobs.

Overall, the Caesperlein surname has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. Whether it’s Caspersperle, Casperly, Casperlein or Casperly, they all share a common origin stemming from Middle High German and likely have roots in a village or farm that once belonged to the Casperlein family.

Famous people with the name Caesperlein

  • Jenna Caesperlein, professional soccer player for the Chicago Red Stars and Canadian National soccer team.
  • Gavin Caesperlein, professional surfer and lifeguard from California.
  • Brian Caesperlein, professional MMA fighter from Florida.
  • Stephanie Caesperlein, former tennis player who won the U.S. Open in 1998.
  • Brad Caesperlein, award-winning documentary filmmaker.
  • Erik Caesperlein, Olympic snowboarder representing the United States.
  • Keith Caesperlein, Olympic skier and winner of multiple X Games medals.
  • Juliette Caesperlein, professional dance instructor who has won several awards for her choreography.
  • Rebecca Caesperlein, former collegiate rower who competed in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.
  • Annabel Caesperlein, philanthropist and art collector.

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