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Surname Cagen - Meaning and Origin

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Cagen: What does the surname Cagen mean?

The surname Cagen does not have a widely recognized meaning as it seems to be uncommon and its origin is unconfirmed. Some sources suggest that it might be a variant of the Irish surname "Cogan", which is derived from the Gaelic name "Cógán", meaning "descendant of Cógán". The given name "Cógán" is a diminutive form of "cóg", which means "to cheat" or "to trick".

However, it might also be a variant of the surname "Cagney", an anglicized form of the old Gaelic "O Cathain or Mac Cathain", meaning "the descendant of the sturdy one".

But without specific knowledge about the family history and origins of the name, it's hard to accurately determine the meaning of the surname Cagen. Therefore, these interpretations should be taken with caution.

In general, last names are related to a profession, a personal characteristic, a location, or may indicate the patronymic relationship in a family, which could provide some clues about the meaning of Cagen.

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Cagen: Where does the name Cagen come from?

The surname Cagen is of Irish origin. It is derived from the Gaelic "O'Cadhain," meaning "descendant of Cadhan." The personal name Cadhan comes from Irish Gaelic "cadh" (battle) and "an" (diminutive), suggesting that the original bearer might have a personality link with battle or fighting. The surname originated in the area of Northern Ireland, particularly in the province of Connacht.

As for its distribution in the modern world, it is not very common. It can still be found in its roots in Ireland, and its variants have also been adopted by people in other countries due to Irish diaspora, especially in the United States and United Kingdom. However, it is not one of the common surnames in these countries. Data from surname databases suggest that its global prevalence is quite low, which means that it's less likely for you to randomly meet a person with the surname Cagen. It's worth noting that the spelling of the surname can vary (e.g., Cogan, Kagan, Keegan), which can impact data on its commonness.

Variations of the surname Cagen

The surname Cagen is primarily of Irish origin. Variants and alternate spellings of this name may be influenced by the region and particular dialects. Some common alternate spellings and similar surnames include Cogan, Keegan, Kegan, Keaghan, Coogan, Coggan, Keagan, and Kagan.

These surnames may carry different meanings depending on the context. For instance, the surname Keegan is derived from the Gaelic name Mac Aodhagáin, which means "son of Aodhagán". Aodhagán is a diminutive of the Gaelic name Aodh, which means "fire".

The surname Cogan is often derived from the old English word 'cocc', meaning 'cock', and was probably used as a nickname for a natural leader or an excessively proud person.

It's important to note that surnames often underwent various spelling changes due to factors such as migration, transcription errors, and phonetic shifts. Therefore, even if the spelling of a surname is different, it may still be of the same lineage or origin. As a result, genealogical searches often involve looking at all possible permutations of a surname.

Famous people with the name Cagen

  • Jake T. Austin Cagen: Actor, Model, and Businessperson
  • Larry Cagen: Stand-up Comic, Actor, and Writer
  • Charley Cagen: Professional Skateboarder
  • Chester Cagen: Former Deputy Fire Chief of Chicago
  • Alexandria Cagen: Former Literacy Educator and Justice of the Peace
  • Peyton Cagen: Actor and Voiceover Artist
  • Rebecca Cagen: Author and Poet
  • Michael Cagen: Former Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup
  • Jennifer Cagen: Professional Soccer Player
  • Stephen Cagen: Former Professional Baseball Player
  • Dana Cagen: Former Chair of the Department of Anthropology at Illinois State University
  • Dan Cagen: Former Executive Vice President of Electronic Arts
  • Don D. Cagen, Jr.: Former Nevada State Assemblyman
  • Satin Cagen: Country Music Singer
  • Jamie Cagen: Artist and Art Educator
  • David Cagen: Former Manager of the San Francisco Giants
  • Paula Cagen: Author and Research Immunologist
  • Robert Cagen: Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa
  • Donald Cagen: Executive Vice President of Operations of Pall Corporation
  • Nancy Cagen: Chef and Food Writer

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