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Surname Callaway - Meaning and Origin

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O. Callaway

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Callaway: What does the surname Callaway mean?

The surname Callaway is of English origin and is derived from the Old English pre 7th Century "cald", meaning cool or cold, and "weg", meaning road or path. Therefore, Callaway translates to "cold road". It served as a topographic surname for someone who dwelled near a cold road or path. Some believe it may have indicated a chilly or exposed settlement. Over centuries, various spellings of the name have appeared such as Calwey, Calway, and Calloway. The variations largely depended on the regional dialect and the phases of English language development. The Callaway surname has been traced back to the 13th century in Somerset and Gloucestershire, regions in southwest England. Popularity of this name also extended beyond England to Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, often attributing its origin to different localities. For instance, in Scotland it was associated with the towns of Kelloe or Kello. Regardless of its etymological roots, the surname Callaway became common in English-speaking countries through migration. Today, it's known worldwide, due in part to the iconic Callaway Golf Company as well as several notable individuals bearing this surname.

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Callaway: Where does the name Callaway come from?

The surname Callaway is of English origin, derived from the place name “Kellaway” or “Calloway” in Cornwall or Devon, England. The name could also be a variant of the Old English term "Calwe", referring to bare, exposure to wind or a bare hill. It has undergone several spelling variations in its history, including Calloway, Kellaway, and Callway.

The Callaway name is common in English-speaking countries and has particularly been associated with the United States since colonial times. This is a result of the migration of people from the British Isles to the American colonies throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. Today it is predominantly found in the United States, with significant populations also in England and Australia. In the US, it is most prevalent in the states of Texas, Georgia, California, and Missouri. A person with the Callaway surname would likely have ancestors from England, but the name has been adopted and is used by individuals of various ethnic backgrounds. Famous people with this name include legendary golfer Ely Callaway, founder of Callaway Golf Company, and Broadway actress Liz Callaway.

Variations of the surname Callaway

The surname Callaway can have several spelling variations, which might have been altered over centuries due to phonetic changes, geographical relocations, or translation into different languages. Some variants of Callaway include Calaway, Calloway, Caloway, Callway, Callawy, and Caleway.

In some cases, the spellings might also include double letters or interchanged vowels like Callowey, Colloway, or Callawey. The 'C' at the beginning of the name might even be replaced with 'K' as in Kallaway or Kalloway.

The surname Callaway is predominantly of English origin and it's believed to be a locational surname referring to someplace named similarly in England. Some surnames with likely same origins encompassing the geographical reference could be Galway, Galloway, or Hallaway.

However, it's important to note that the variations of the surname could be due to various factors and may not always directly relate to the original family lineage. The surname variations often help while researching genealogy and family history to find potentially related family branches.

Famous people with the name Callaway

  • Ely Callaway: An American entrepreneur, known for founding the Callaway Golf Company.
  • Bobby Callaway: An American filmmaker who has worked on different projects including `The Duff` and 'The Call.'
  • Cab Callaway: A legendary American jazz singer and bandleader; he was also a skilled saxophonist.
  • Callaway sisters: Liz Callaway and Ann Hampton Callaway, both successful American singers, actresses, and songwriters.
  • Reeve Carney: His full name is Reeve Jefferson Callaway Carney. A famous singer and actor known for his role in the Broadway production 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.'
  • Reeve's brother, Zane Carney, whose full name is Zane Callaway Carney, is also a renowned musician and guitarist for Broadway musicals.
  • Blanche Calloway: A band leader and jazz singer, she was Cab Callaway's older sister.
  • Chris Calloway: The daughter of Cab Calloway was a noted jazz vocalist.
  • Thomas Callaway: Known by his stage name CeeLo Green, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Ingrid Callaway Bloemsma: A respected American visual artist.
  • Will Callaway: British screenwriter known for his contributions to popular TV shows.

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