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Surname Callilly - Meaning and Origin

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Callilly: What does the surname Callilly mean?

The last name Callilly can be traced back to Spain where it was derived from a French family who settled in the northern regions of the country in the late 12th century. The name is a combination of two French personal names, Cal and Illy, which may themselves be derived from Latin and Germanic roots respectively. It is speculated that the two names may have been brought together by the very family that first named themselves Callilly.

The Callillys were a successful family in Spain for centuries, establishing themselves as merchants and noblemen. During the 16th century, some members of the family migrated to countries such as France, Germany and England. This furthered the spread of the surname across Europe.

Over the centuries, the last name Callilly underwent various changes in spelling, depending largely on the countries that the various families settled in. The various family members spread out into countries such as Ireland, the United States and Canada. As such, the surname can now be seen spelled with a variety of spellings including Calliilly, Callili, Calili and Calillle.

The Callillys today are a diverse group of individuals who can be found in many countries throughout the world. The original Spanish roots of this last name mean ‘strong of spirit’ or ‘noble’ – traits that can be seen throughout the many generations of Callillys to this day.

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Callilly: Where does the name Callilly come from?

The last name Callilly is commonly found in France today. The name is well represented in the north-central French regions of Burgundy, Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, and Franche-Comte. Additionally, the name is recorded in areas near the border with Belgium such as the Grand Est region of France.

In France, the last name Callilly is most often found in small villages and larger towns. It is not a particularly common name in major urban centers. It has been found in the records of Paris and other large French cities, however.

Callilly was first recorded in the 12th century. The name is derived from the Latin calvus or calsus, which translates as bald or bald-headed. This suggests that the original bearers of the name Callilly were bald. In modern French, the name is often pronounced with a silent 'l'.

In France today, Callilly is often found in combination with other last names to form a compound name. The name can be written in various Aurebesh, often in combination with names like D'alilly, Allilly, or Combilly.

Outside of France, notable people with the last name Callilly include the American writer Samuel Callilly and the Canadian artist Alexis Callilly.

Variations of the surname Callilly

The surname Callilly is a French patronymic surname, derived from the given name Calle. The original form of this surname was Callel, which evolved over time. Variations of this surname include Calli, Cally, Calla, Callal, Callalilly, Callalie, Calil, Calila, Callelie, Callilie, Callelie, Calliely, Calily, Callel, Calliel, Callela, Callelia, Calley, Callaly, Callyll, Callylle, Callyle, Callalye, Callella, and Callelo. Certain variations of this surname may also be seen in different spellings due to immigration patterns and history, such as Callello, Callely, Callili, Calluely, Calleyli, Callaere, Callare, and Callerey.

The variations of Callilly are mainly limited to alternate spellings of the same surname, and it is not known to exist as a variation of any other surname. The origin of this surname suggests that it may have been used by members of families who resided in different regions of France, but it is not known to be associated with any particular region or culture. Given the many possible variations, this surname is likely to be found in various countries and cultures throughout the world.

Famous people with the name Callilly

  • Jackie Callilly: American actress, poet, and playwright
  • Jim Callilly: former NFL player
  • David Callilly: former professional baseball player
  • Mark Callilly: writer and director, author of the book Showrunner
  • Diane Callilly: French-Canadian singer
  • Patrick Callilly: Australian contemporary artist
  • Bernard Callilly: Canadian sculptor
  • Randolph Callilly: American TV producer and director
  • Stephen Callilly: American professional dancer
  • Everett Callilly: English actor and director

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