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Surname Callingwood - Meaning and Origin

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Callingwood: What does the surname Callingwood mean?

The last name Callingwood is likely of English origin and is linked to a place name. A family of this name were found living near the village of Callingwood in the county of Staffordshire in the 13th century. The name is likely derived from the Old English language terms 'calu' and 'wald' which when combined means 'wood with bare or bald hills'.

The 'wood' part of the name is likely implying the woods found near the village, while 'calu' might indicate the settlement's exposed situation, with few trees or hedges to protect it from the elements. It can be seen, therefore, that the name Callingwood was most probably a descriptive name referring to a local geographical feature.

The family of this name would have most likely been landowners in this area in medieval times. The Callingwood estate is likely to have been held by this family for many centuries. Records held in the British national archives show that the estate was still in the ownership of the Callingwood family in the 19th century.

Today, the surname Callingwood is uncommon in England, however, it is likely to have been relatively widespread in its heyday. The Callingwood family were prolific land owners and rulers of the estate, and it is likely that the name has since been absorbed into the wider population.

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Callingwood: Where does the name Callingwood come from?

The last name Callingwood is derived from a place name in England and is now most commonly found across the United Kingdom and Australia. It is particularly prevalent in Northern England, particularly in Yorkshire and Lancashire, and within the city of Birmingham.

The name is also common in countries with a large British diaspora, such as Canada and the United States. It was first documented in the United States in the 1880s and has since been found in 38 of the 50 states. According to the US Census Bureau, people with the surname Callingwood are most abundant in California, New York, Florida, Arizona and Texas.

In Australia, the Callingwood name is sometimes spelled Callinwood and is also found along the East Coast in New South Wales and Victoria. British immigration records from the late 1800s and early 1900s show that around the time of World War I, the Callingwood family name was already established in Australia.

The Callingwood name continues to be widespread across the United Kingdom and its former colonies.

Variations of the surname Callingwood

Callingwood is an English surname. It is sometimes spelled as Calingwood or Crylingwood, with variants including Callinwood, Callenwood, Callywood, and Calingwoode.

The name originated in the Middle Ages as a locative name used to denote someone from a place called Callingwood, of which there are at least two in England.

The place name Callingwood is derived from the Old English term "calewude," which translates to "wood of hard stone" or "wood of difficult access."

This surname is not uncommon. In 1891, the surname was most abundant in the counties of Derby and Stafford in England. It is conjectured, by some, that the name spread from the Midlands and Warwickshire areas. Callingwood has some distinct alternate spellings and surnames from the same origin, including: Callinwood, Callenwood, Callywood, and Calingwoode.

In recent times, the surname has experienced some form of deformation. As the original form of the name is a location, different spellings and surnames have evolved due to the removal of the suffix '-wood', for instance Callin and Callen are both derived from Callingwood.

Today, families bearing the name Callingwood are to be found in other areas of England, Scotland, and Wales, and in parts of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Famous people with the name Callingwood

  • Mossimo Callingwood: Canadian dancer, choreographer, director, and actor.
  • Weston Callingwood: Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter and actor.
  • David Callingwood: Regionally renowned writer in Canada.
  • Ryan Callingwood: Award-winning broadcaster and entrepreneur.
  • Chris Callingwood: Canadian radio host and former Olympic athlete.
  • Brooke Callingwood: Canadian chef and restaurateur.
  • Josh Callingwood: Canadian tennis player, currently ranked in the top 10 in the country.
  • Andrew Callingwood: Canada's premier chef and food writer.
  • Dane Callingwood: Canadian businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Nolan Callingwood: Olympic medalist, world-renowned speed skater, and entrepreneur.

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