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Surname Campton - Meaning and Origin

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Campton: What does the surname Campton mean?

The surname Campton is of English origin and is believed to be geographical, deriving from a place called Campton located in Bedfordshire, England. The place name itself is derived from Old English. It is made up of two elements: the first, "camm," meaning "crest," or "summit," and the second, "tun," denoting an "enclosure," or "settlement." Therefore, the surname Campton can be interpreted to mean "settlement on the crest" or "settlement on the summit." This suggests that the original bearers of the surname were likely inhabitants of such a geographical location. As with many surnames, over time and with generational changes and geographical movements, the name has spread to various locations around the world.

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Campton: Where does the name Campton come from?

The surname Campton is of English origin. It is a locational name deriving from any one of various places in England, such as Compton in Berkshire, Gloucestershire, and Devonshire. The place name 'Compton' is composed of the Old English terms 'cumb', meaning narrow valley, and 'tun', which denotes a farmstead or settlement.

People began using surnames in England from the 11th century onward, often based on a person's occupation, their father's name, the location of their home or birthplace, or a personal characteristic. In the case of locational surnames like Campton, these were usually given to a family after they left their original habitation and moved somewhere else.

Today, the surname Campton is found globally but is most common in the United States and England. Its prevalence is still not very high. Therefore you are more likely to encounter individuals with this surname in countries where there was considerable English migration, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or South Africa.

Variations of the surname Campton

The surname Campton may possibly be derived from English or Celtic origins. It is believed to be a geographical surname, taken from places such as Compton in Devon, Somerset, Surrey, and Sussex, or Campden in Gloucestershire. Therefore, various variants and alternative spellings may have arisen due to local pronunciation, transcription errors, or individual preference.

Some spellings and variants could include Campdon, Compton, Compdon, Campden, Compten, Cempton, Kampton, Kempten, and Kempton.

Surname surnames like these can also result in patronymic variants (indicating son of), like Comptons, or occupational surnames, that describe a person's job. However, in the case of geographical names such as Campton, these seem less likely.

Variations over time and in different regions can also potentially result in foreign language equivalents. For instance, Compton in French areas might become de Compton or Compté. It's important to remember though that surname spelling was not standardized until well into the 19th century, and this list only provides a small sampling of the potential variations for Campton.

Famous people with the name Campton

  • Anna Camp: actor, singer, and author.
  • Bobby Campo: actor.
  • Eric Campon: French actor.
  • Meghann Campon: Music Producer, Bass Player, Recording Artist.
  • Stephen Campion: Actor, Writer, Maker.
  • Noella Campon: actress in theatre and on TV.
  • Dave Campo: former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Berri Campon: former President of the Democratic Republic of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Daniel Campon: American fashion designer.
  • Doug Campon: founder of Campton Products Inc., a software firm.

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