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Surname Canterbury - Meaning and Origin

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Canterbury: What does the surname Canterbury mean?

The last name Canterbury is of English origin and it is a regional or geographic surname derived from the city of Canterbury in southeastern England. The name "Canterbury" itself comes from the Old English "Cantwareburh," which means "stronghold of the people of Kent." It is a locational name, historically given to families that originated from this area or lived there. Canterbury was an important ecclesiastical center in England, the see of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the primate of the Church of England. Over time, this surname was carried to other countries by migrants, and its spelling variations may have included Canterbury, Canterbery, and others. Therefore, if someone bears the surname Canterbury, it could suggest that their ancestors once lived in or were associated with the city of Canterbury.

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Canterbury: Where does the name Canterbury come from?

The surname Canterbury is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and it is a locational surname derived from the city of Canterbury in Kent, England. The name of the city is derived from the Old English "Cantwareburh," meaning "fortress of the men of Kent." The city has significant historical and cultural importance, which also extends to the significance of the surname.

Canterbury, as a surname, first appeared in the 13th century and individuals bearing this name are most often found in English-speaking countries. Today, it is relatively common in England, particularly in the areas surrounding the city of Canterbury. However, due to historical emigration patterns, particularly during and after the colonial period, the surname has also spread to other countries, notably the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Thus, while still tied to its English roots, the surname Canterbury has a wider distribution across the globe. Despite this, it is not among the most common surnames in any of these regions.

Variations of the surname Canterbury

The surname Canterbury is said to be of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the place name 'Canterbury' in Kent, England. The variants or similar spelling of Canterbury might include Cantorbery, Cantherbury, Canterbery, Cannterbury, Canturbury, Kantorbury and Canturbury. These are all phonetic spellings and may represent historical documented variations. The surname Canterbury may have evolved from other surnames derived from professions such as Cantor or Canter, indicating a singer in a church or a storyteller respectively. It is possible, though perhaps less likely, that some variations could merge with surnames originating from different roots but sounding similar, like Canterbury derived from "canter" (a horse's gait) combined with "bury" (a fortified place).

There are other surnames that have evolved from the place name Canterbury. For instance, names like Kantor and Canterbury might be incredibly similar in origin due to regional differences in language and spelling. However, these might not be directly considered as variants of Canterbury. Remember that variations can often be attributed to an inability of those recording names to correctly spell the name given to them, resulting in a wide variety of spelling variations.

Famous people with the name Canterbury

  • Craig Canterbury: He is a self-employed truck driver from Australia and the proud winner of the TV series “Big Rig Bounty Hunters.”
  • Bo Canterbury: He is a professional dancer and choreographer who has appeared as a guest on the show “Dance Moms.” He is also the founder and artistic director of his own dance company, Bo’s Dance Crew.
  • Lorie Canterbury: She is an American actress, having appeared in films such as “Ant-Man and the Wasp” and “X-Men.”
  • Paul Canterbury: He is an American illustrator and comic book artist. He is well-known for his work on “The Walking Dead” and “Avengers.”
  • Logan Canterbury: He is an American actor, best known for his roles in “The King of Queens” and “American Horror Story.”
  • Dean Canterbury: He is an American animator and director who worked on films such as “Tarzan” and “Fantasia 2000.”
  • Dane Canterbury: He is a former member of the English rock band Squeeze.
  • Jeremy Canterbury: He is an Australian professional footballer who has played for clubs both in the US and Europe.
  • Mike Canterbury: He is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has had several studio albums released, including “You Can’t See the Light” and “Best of All Time.”
  • Bob Canterbury: He is a Canadian politician and former Speaker of the House of Commons. He has been the National Chairman of the Conservative Party since 2015.

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