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Surname Cantrell - Meaning and Origin

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Cantrell: What does the surname Cantrell mean?

The surname Cantrell is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from an Old Norman French personal name, Cantrel, which consists of the Germanic elements "Cant-" meaning "bold or brave", and "-rell", a diminutive suffix. Therefore, this surname could translate to "little brave one". It was popularized during the Norman Conquest in England in the 11th century when many Normans brought it with them. It was later adopted as a surname in the 13th century when surnames became necessary for administrative purposes such as taxation. Over time, several variations of the name have developed in different countries, including Cantrell, Cantrelle, Cantrel, Cantelon, and many others. Today, it is widely used in countries like the United States, England, and Australia.

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Cantrell: Where does the name Cantrell come from?

The surname Cantrell is of English origin and derived from the Middle English words 'cant' meaning rim or edge, and 'hyll' meaning hill. It is topographic for someone who lived on the edge of a steep slope or a construction of a place name such as Canterbury. Another possible origin is a variation of the Normandy name Cantelo meaning high singing, initially brought to England during the Norman Conquest.

In the United States, it is most common particularly in the South, according to the 2014 United States Census. In terms of numbers, top states for Cantrells include Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. However, it also maintains its English roots and remains prevalent in England, particularly in central and northern regions. The surname is found at a moderate frequency in Australia and Canada as well. Names with similar roots and variants could be found in several European countries. Overall, Cantrell is a fairly spread out surname occurring in many regions worldwide but is not particularly common in any one place.

Variations of the surname Cantrell

The surname Cantrell has several variants and alternate spellings due to its geographical dispersion and historical transformations. Here are some examples:

1. Cantrel

2. Cantrill

3. Cantrall

4. Cantrelle

5. Cantor

6. Cantar

7. Canthrell

8. Cantaril

It is also common to find the surname under different dialectal or regional versions such as "de Cantrell" or "Canterel" in Old French. The surname Cantrell may have originated from the Old Norman personal name Canterel, which is made up of two elements. The first element is the Old Norman 'canter', which is a singer or someone with a hearty singing voice. The second element is 'el', which is a diminutive version.

It's also possible that the surname has a geographical origin, derived from a location. For an instance, in Derbyshire, England there is a place called Cantrell which could be the root of the surname. Or the name could have developed from a French place called 'Quantrill'.

Note that the surnames may also be subject to variations due to local dialects, linguistic changes, and cultural assimilation over time and across regions.

Famous people with the name Cantrell

  • Jerry Cantrell: An American musician known as the lead guitarist, co-lead vocalist, and main songwriter for the rock band Alice in Chains.
  • Shawn Cantrell: An American environmentalist and the CEO of the National Audubon Society.
  • Blu Cantrell: An American R&B and soul singer and songwriter.
  • Laura Cantrell: An American country music singer-songwriter and radio DJ.
  • Ryan Cantrell: An American Football wide receiver.
  • Tanner Cantrell: An American entrepreneur, known for founding New Star Solar.
  • Leanne Cantrell: An Australian swimmer who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics.
  • Lon Cantrell: An entrepreneur and movie producer.
  • Jay Cantrell: An American retired professional basketball player and coach.
  • Katie Cantrell: An American animal rights activist, the founder and executive director of the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition.
  • Nancy Cantrell: An American author known for her books on vintage clothing and fashion history.
  • Grayson Cantrell: An American professional baseball player.
  • Camie Cantrell: A former model and actress, known for her work in the 80s.
  • Walter L. Cantrell: An American novelists / writers. Please note that the information about these individuals may be subject to change.

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