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Surname Capozzi - Meaning and Origin

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Capozzi: What does the surname Capozzi mean?

The last name Capozzi is of Italian origin and can be translated to mean "head". This is significant in that it could have referred to someone in a place of authority or leadership, or to the chief of a tribe or organization. The most likely reason for the business was that family members held positions of importance and it served to signify their status.

Capozzis settled in Italy and spread to other European countries, including France, Spain, and Germany, as well as locations in North America. In the United States, Capozzis are particularly concentrated in the Italian and Sicilian cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, as well as California, Florida, and Texas.

The surname is very unique in that it has strong roots steeped in both traditional Italian and new-world American cultures. For example, some Capozzis changed their accents and adopted anglicized versions of their last names to fit in with their American neighbors.

Today, the last name Capozzi still carries with it a great sense of pride and often signifies a sense of belonging to a particular group or tribe. Whether it is shared across Italy or passed down through an American family, the name is steeped in family and national history.

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Capozzi: Where does the name Capozzi come from?

The last name Capozzi is most commonly found in southern Italy, particularly in the Campania region and its cities including Naples, Paestum, and Salerno. As of 2019, the surname rankings of the Italian population showed Capozzi as the 76th most common surname in the country, with approximately 25,000 individuals registered with the Capozzi name.

Given the geographic prevalence of the surname, it is not surprising to find that a large population of Capozzis also resides in the US. According to, approximately 2,500 people living in the US are known to have this surname. Furthermore, the state with the most Capozzis is New Jersey, followed by New York.

The earliest records of the Capozzi name can be traced back to the 15th century, when a Capozzi family is noted as part of a noble lineage in the Abruzzo region of southern Italy. From there, the name spread throughout the Campania region and eventually to other parts of the world.

In terms of cultural and linguistic heritage, the Capozzi family is traditionally believed to have Calabrian roots, and its members usually speak Italian and the Sicilian dialect of the surrounding area. This makes sense given the lengthy presence of the Capozzi clan in the Campania region.

The Capozzi name is one of the oldest Italian family names and its history remains alive today through its many modern-day members. The name is a proud cornerstone of the Italian identity, and the story of the Capozzi family is a testament to its resilience and continuity.

Variations of the surname Capozzi

The surname Capozzi is of Italian origin, and has many variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of this surname are Capocee, Capocey, and Caposey. Other spellings of this surname include Cappocee, Capocei, and Capozzi. There are also variants which include Cappocci, Capocey, and Caposee, and surnames that have the same origin, such as Capotelli, Capotti, and Capot, all of which are Italian surnames.

The Capozzi surname is believed to originate from the Italian word "Capozzolo" or "Capozzoli", which refer to a type of vine that is common in the regions of Italy. This would suggest the surname could have been adopted by someone who worked or lived in the vineyards, or was involved in the grape trade. The surname could also be derived from the Italian word "capo", which means head or chief, and would indicate someone who held a high position or was a leader.

The surname Capozzi dates back to before the year 1000, making it one of the oldest surnames in Italy. It is thought to have been used by prominent families of the time and has been found in many Italian records, including the recalibration of the Colonna family in the 12th century. It has since spread around the world, especially to the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries populated by Italian immigrants.

Famous people with the name Capozzi

  • Mendy Capozzi: A Canadian Singer and the lead vocalist of the Vancouver-based band Hey Ocean!, known for their work on the artist’s original album Is, as well as their follow-up album The Hurt of Happiness.
  • Stephen Capozzi: An American singer, songwriter, and musician, best known for his work with the alternative rock band The Voice in the Machine. He is also a multi-instrumentalist, playing multiple instruments on many of the band’s records.
  • Noemi Capozzi: An Argentine professional tennis player who came close to making the WTA top 100 in 2018 and reached a career-high ranking of No. 111 that same year.
  • Benedetto Capozzi: An Italian actor who has had roles in many television and film productions, including Pinky in Men of Honor and Antonio in Tiger-Cats.
  • Andrea Capozzi: An Italian actor who is best known for having appeared in a few notable television series, such as Don Matteo, Dr. House, and Squadra Antimafia.
  • Michelangelo Capozzi: An Italian composer and pianist who has composed a number of pieces for various ensembles, including a concerto for orchestra commissioned by the Perugia Symphony Orchestra.
  • Paolo Capozzi: An Italian conductor and composer who founded the International Music Festival “La Nuova Musica” and is the chief conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of Reggio Emilia.
  • Emanuele Capozzi: An Italian soccer player who in 2020 was named to Serie A Team of the Year for his contributions to Cagliari Calcio.
  • Fabrizio Capozzi: An Italian artist and sculptor. He is best known for his works in cast bronze and stonework, many of which are located in public locations throughout Italy.

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